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Are you passionate about sports, fitness, supplementation and nutrition? Do you have some brilliant ideas you want to share with a broader audience? If so, then you might be what we are looking for. Nutrition Club Canada is looking for innovative and creative writers who can engage their audience with fun, entertaining and insightful information regarding nutrition, health and fitness.

Do You Have What It Takes?

  • Informative and detailed articles regarding fitness training, workouts, tips and more.
  • Tips, tricks and hacks for anything related to the niche.
  • Product reviews and comparative analysis, as well as in-depth informational guides on health and wellness.
  • Recipe guides on new and better food choices, ingredients and quality food products.
  • Designer workouts to help the audience achieve their fitness and health goals.
  • Current news and feature articles with the latest in fitness, health and well-being.

You Are Partnering With The Best

Nutrition Club is a Canadian owned and operated distributor of quality Sports Nutrition Products. Nutrition Club Canada was founded in the fall of 1994. Our initial goals were to find only unique and innovative brands to import into Canada. Even to this day Nutrition Club is committed to bringing consumers only high-quality brands, at an affordable price.

By publishing your articles with us, we give you the advantage of reaching out to a large audience on our official website and social media networks.

With your massive exposure, you get to improve your official profile and professional credentials, including a very exclusive “published on Nutrition Club” branding and stamp of approval for your website/blog/social media.

Show us your work and if we love it, you may have the opportunity to join our core content team.


All articles and content submitted for publication should be based on the following;

Your original work. Whatever content you send should be 100% your own. We do not tolerate plagiarism. We always check every article before publishing.

Unique content. The articles you send should not have been published on any other website, magazine, or book.

Creative. Creativity is important. We always challenge our writers to come up with attractive and high-quality content that would attract your target audience. Let your writing grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged in your articles.

Must be edited prior to submission. All submitted work must be free from spelling and common grammatical errors, missing punctuation, capitalization and apostrophe errors. Materials should be formatted correctly. Paragraphs should be separated with titles  or subheadings when a train of thought changes. Format must be in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Minimum length: 800 – 1000 words (Includes alphabets, numbers and symbols). This only applies to general articles. Recipes and workouts do not require any minimum word length as long as the content is clear and comprehensive.

Reader-centric. The content must be focused on empowering the reader and not the writer. Recognition follows once your readers establish your credibility and integrity as a writer and a veritable source of good information

Advertisement free. Content should not contain advertisements, product endorsements, self-praise, etc. Nutrition information must be provided for recipes and must include yielded servings, calories per serving, and high definition images.

Cite references. References to a study or an article need to be accompanied with a proper citation. It is our goal to publish unique and high- quality content for our readers. A references section must be created at the end of the article and hyperlink the specific study mentioned. 

Backlinks may be included. You may include 2 backlinks to your site, subject for review by our Editors and may be changed/removed prior to publishing upon their discretion

SEO Guidelines

  • State focus keyword(s) or phrase
  • Include a 155 character meta description ( it should include the key phrase) 
  • Keyword density of no more than 2.5%
  • Must have heading tags between paragraphs  (H1, H2) 


Be creative. Make your work stand out. Put yourself in the shoes of the reader and discover what makes them tick. Creativity is important. Try to make your reader look at things from a new and different perspective.

Be intriguing. Letting your audience read your work is one thing, keeping them engaged is something more important. How would you do that? Appeal to their inquisitive minds and ideas. Challenge their perceptions and for sure, you will get them interested in your work.

Be concise. Being elaborate is important, but it needs to be written down with straight to the point ideas right away. Why waste previous writing space when you can do it in a couple or sentences? Do not beat around the bush when you can get to your point faster.

Format your work. Always check for proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.

  • Use exclamation points sparingly, avoid unnecessary slang and keep content short and comprehensive.
  • Use bullet points and numbering.


Readers are always interested to know their source of information. Giving them an idea of who you are and your professional identity is important to maintain your integrity and credibility.

  • Biography. Elaborate in 250-500 words to relay who you are and what you do. Whenever possible, include videos, images, links to your achievements and social links where you can be followed.
  • Headshot. Make it you professional and main profile picture. This will at the bottom of the content you send to us. Image resolution must be larger than 600×800.
  • More images. You may send us more action and professional photographs. These can help make your articles more visually attractive.


If you have images/graphs/infographics to submit with your content please make sure the meet the following:

  • Standard image size: 702 x 336 pixels (If you have the original full-size images please send them)
  • One of the following formats: PNGJPG, and PDF images.
  • Original images only. You must own the rights to use the images and we may need to ask for proof of license.

Personal pictures and videos may be added and are encouraged if the article discusses specific exercises or technique tips, depending on the discretion of our Editors.

If using pictures, the original, high-resolution images must be included as individual attachments.

Please send your submission to: info@nutritionclub.ca 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to review my content?

A: Allow 1-2 weeks for our editors to review your content. If your content pass the standards, we will inform you about the date of publication.

Q: Will I get paid for this?

A: Payment for contributions only apply to our core content team. If you consistently submit excellent work, you just might get an opportunity to become one of our core contributors.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of submissions ?

A: Fire away. We appreciate your enthusiasm for submitting your articles. Remember, if you send us 10 articles that we love, we publish all of them. How’s that for exposure?




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