What Happens When You Go Vegan: The Results Of This Diet


Jeff Wilser from Men’s Fitness shares his story when he went on a vegan diet for two weeks. He practically learned eight things about the diet and he talked about his experience.

Just a tidbit: one of the things he learned about the food is that being vegan doesn’t always mean it’s healthy. He meant Cracker Jacks, Doritos, Jell-O pudding, and Oreos. Surprising enough as it is. He also learned that calories can creep its way up. You may not be aware of the amount of carbs you’re eating to compensate for your cravings – you have to watch out.

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Matthew Kenney for muscleandfitness.com wants you to believe that a plant-based diet can still give you the muscles that you want. It doesn’t have to be meat all the time – you can get lots of nutrients from plants that will still let you build those muscles.

The author was only a teenager when he started out. Now, he’s a successful raw food chef in America. Kenney is living proof that your muscles shouldn’t only depend on meat. You can rely on fruits, vegetables and other sources too. If you’re just starting out as a vegan, hear his story and find out how to get those muscles through this diet.

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With these in mind, you can surely start making little changes in your food preparations. But if you want to know more about veganism and you’re curious about certain things, find out what your body needs before making the big change.

Health.com gives us a glimpse of what you need to do and what your body needs when you go vegan. K. Aleisha Fetters talks about the things that you have to prepare, things you need to do, and things you should expect.

One of which is B12 supplementation. We all know that this vitamin’s primary source is meat, and since you can’t have that, you’ll have to get this from other sources. The easiest and most common are B12 supplements. You can stock up on that to make sure you have enough of this nutrient.

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If you want to be more prepared, check out this quick video from Fablunch. These are recipes to get you started:


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