7 Weight Loss Secrets from Hollywood Celebrities


Celebrities are known for their constant conscious efforts to maintain great figures for their respective careers in cinema or television. Apart from supermodels, celebrities are also required to maintain their body for their roles on screen. Who else should we turn to than to these fitness gurus for tips on how to lose body weight? These celebrities opt for different kinds of body weight loss techniques thereby increasing your flexibility to choose an option that fits best with your lifestyle and body type!

Here are the most effective weight loss techniques that have shown to help the celebrities who use them to lose significant amounts of weight!

1. Salads in Every Meal!

Nicole Polizzi (former Jersey Shore star) has credited her weight loss to eating salads in every meal of the day. She cut down on all the carbs and calories for a healthier diet. This makes a lot of sense scientifically since fruits and vegetables contain high levels of fibre that make you feel full but these fibres are not digested by the body hence reducing the amount of fat getting deposited into your body every time you eat!

She lost almost 40 pounds of weight after her pregnancy using this technique. She consumed 1300 calories per day and exercised 4 days a week with a personal trainer to get these astounding results.

Keep a Food Journal

2. Keep a Food Journal

Carrie Underwood has been keeping a food journal for a very long time to keep herself up to date with what she eats. Recent studies have found that people who maintained a food journal were more likely to lose significant amounts of weight. The key here is that this method helps you keep a tab on what you eat in a day to reduce excessive munching because you already know that you’ve already eaten enough during the day.

3. Plan Ahead!

Candace Cameron Bure has been planning her meals and what she’s going to eat while traveling from home to her work on The View in New York City. She usually eats vegan and avoids red meat. She also ensures that she doesn’t eat any packed or processed food during the flight and carries her own food or a few granola bars to stay energised during the trip.

Planning ahead can help in keeping a constant tab on what you eat.

4. Eat What You Like but Eat Right!

Blake Lively lost her baby weight after getting pregnant in 2014 for playing a role in The Shallows in 2015. She credits this to her method whereby she eats right but also allows herself to have a pizza or a dessert once in a while. According to her the essential part is not punish your body but rather reward it in right proportions by eating whatever you like once in a while. As long as 4/5th of your diet is healthy, the rest can be what you actually like to eat. So, have those Mexican candies in a moderate amount might actually be good for you. Being a perfectionist here makes no sense for her.

5. Slow and Steady Doses of Exercise

Khloé Kardashian believes that you don’t need to go extreme to lose weight. She lost 30 pounds by consistently working out for a year and a half. Though her progress was slow but she was able to eat whatever she liked whenever she wanted to. This also ensured that she had a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind set too as she didn’t deprive herself of what she wanted to eat.

Make Friends at the Gym

6. Make Friends at the Gym

Studies have shown that people who had gym buddies were more motivated to go to the gym and they did so often as well! Melissa Joan Hart used the same technique to shed 70 pounds after pregnancy. Having a friend or a buddy while you exercise makes these strenuous activities more fun and also ensures that if one person is not feeling motivated then the other person can coerce them to not lose their way.

7. Eating Coconut Oil

Miranda Kerr, the former Victoria Secrets Angel revealed her secret to staying fit. She had a spoonful of coconut every morning. This may sound strange to some but scientific studies have shown that coconut oil helps flush the body’s digestive system thereby increasing metabolism and burning fat.

Keep in mind that having a body that you desire requires a balanced diet and exercising regularly. These tips are an additional help to what you should already be doing every day to lose weight.

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