Healthy Delight: Vegan Sweet Potato Recipes


The heart of a healthy diet lies within your food choices. It is something that can be easily forgotten these days, and because of that we’re here to remind you that choosing healthier food over crappy ones is the priority teaches us the best recipe. They also included the benefits that we can get: a great source for vitamins A and E, fiber, and manganese.

Aside from that, we can make meals in different ways. We can roast, steam, or puree this in a soup. It can be made into all-around dishes. From quesadillas to veggie burgers, this is just super yummy.

15 Must-Make Vegan Sweet Potato Dinners That Are Perfect For Fall

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably a fiend for sweet potato. And, what’s not to love? There’s so much that we can make with this yummy orange tuber. First of all, they are great for us. Sweet potatoes are possibly one of the highest sources  of beta-carotene, plus they are high in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, fiber, manganese, and copper. While we could sing the nutritional praises of sweet potato all day long, what really makes it a winner in our books are both its flavor and versatility. We love their subtly sweet flavor and creamy texture. Roasted, steamed, or puréed in a soup — it’s all good, and that’s only talking about the savory side of the spectrum. Read more… shares the delicious and mouthwatering recipes. These are vegan inspired dishes and you’ll never find out the difference. The best thing about the compiled recipes here is that it gives you an overview about the good things that you can get from switching to this kind of diet.

Trimming belly fat and regulating blood sugar are just some of those advantages from eating this root vegetable.

10 Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

Our favorite sweet potato picks from the blogosphere. Read more…

If you’re tired of your routine recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, check out these vegan recipes from author Kathy Patalsky of It’s time to get creative with this root vegetable.

You can make vegan burgers, pizza, soups and biscuits at your own convenience. These are all tastier and healthier. You can try out these dishes for all types of occasions.

16 Vegan Sweet Potato Recipes

If you love sweet potatoes, you are probably always looking for creative new ways to serve them at mealtime. Read more…

We also have new recipes for snacks, if you’d like to experiment in the kitchen. Here’s the video from Ela Gale:


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