The Unexpected Benefits of Apples: From Skin Treatment To Better Lung Function


The cliche, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” totally sounds overused but you may still be surprised how true this idea really is. From getting a scalp treatment to using it as a waistline shrinker, this fruit has proven to be useful. author Leslie Barrie says that this fruit has four main uses. First, it can be a radiant booster for your skin. You can make a green-apple mask at home to help your skin become moisturized. Not only that but it also smoothens those lines. Recipe can be found in the article below.

Another great use for this is that it is considered as a breathing agent. It has an antioxidant called quercetin that helps the lungs and protects it from pollutants.  These are also considered as waistline shrinkers because it has less fat and a lot of fiber. What are you waiting for? Reap its benefits now!

4 Things Apples Can Do for You

Treat your skin to a refreshing at-home green-apple mask. The fruit helps replenish moisture, and its acids smooth fine lines, explains Karen Behnke, founding partner of Juice Beauty in San Rafael, California. Read more…

Julia Little from says that many studies can back up these health benefits of apples. One, it regulates stomach bacteria. This fall fruit is responsible for balancing the bacteria found in your gut which controls your weight. In order to protect you from obesity, this fruit can be of help. This humble fruit can also enhance your immune system and fight against the common cold.

Antioxidants against cancer are found in apples. This fruit is rich in flavonoids that lower the risk of pancreatic cancer by 23 percent. The apple skin in particular, is quite heavy in nutrients that ward off cancer too.

4 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Apples

Though “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” sounds like nothing more than an old adage, many studies have actually proved it is more than just a saying. Consider these four unexpected benefits of apples. Read more…

Reader’s Digest talks about the seven benefits of including apples in your diet. The number one and most impacting is its possible combative effects against Alzheimer’s. There is a powerful antioxidant, quercetin, which protects the brain cells from degeneration in rats. Though it is not confirmed, it may have the same effects in humans.

Another helpful benefit is related to hypertension. These are high in potassium, the mineral that controls the blood pressure. This decreases the risk of stroke.

7 Health Benefits of Apples 

Will an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Perhaps not, but there’s certainly a whack of research supporting the many health benefits of apples. Read more…

Superfoods made this interesting video about apples. It talks about the goodness that comes with this super food:


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