Proper Timing Of Creatine Consumption Can Increase Mass


The proper and strategic timing of your creatine consumption can help you make the most out of your workouts to let you achieve maximum gains. As a nutritional supplement, it boosts the body’s creatine which acts as a primary storage molecule that quickly counteracts the depletion of energy within the muscle cells during physical activities like workouts and exercises and recharges energy levels within the muscle cell, promoting increased muscular strength and performance.

Strategize your timing of creatine consumption

Creatine increases calcium uptake to the muscle cells, as calcium facilitates the interaction between two vital muscle proteins actin and myosin to generate muscular contraction, therefore enhances performance and growth.

The timing of creatine consumption is critical in training, as one study showed that participants consuming 6 grams of creatine monohydrate pre and post resistance training for 10 weeks resulted to higher muscle mass, compared to those participants who were asked to take the creatine once in the morning and once in the evening.

Similar studies also indicated that creatine intake before and after strength workouts generated the same results in terms of muscle mass and overall gains.

All the more profound is the study conducted by another expert where subjects that were consuming creatine immediately after weight training compared to those who were made to take it before weight and strength training.

They pointed out that the increased potency after workouts may be due to the simultaneous increase in levels of creatine in the blood, which tend to peak around one to two hours after consuming it, supported by the increase in blood flow to the working muscle groups resulting from strength and resistance training.

Creatine is an organic acid that is normally found in the muscles and in the brain which is usually sourced from a diet combined with seafood and red meat. As a nutrient, it offers a lot of benefits but is more popular  in the role it plays with metabolism as people age.

Studies show that creatine is used for enhanced performance in workouts and exercises as it helps increase muscle mass. It also shows great promise as creatine has also been tested to enhance muscle strength, longevity, promotes better neuromuscular function and boosts brain activity.

Among the other benefits from creatine is that it relieves symptoms of fibromyalgia, relief from chronic fatigue and promotes a healthy heart.

It is manufactured in the body from a combination of three essential amino acids specifically, arginine, methionine and glycine that plays an important role in providing energy for the system, making the timing of creatine consumption important for the optimal development of muscle mass.


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