Why You Should Be Taking Daily Multivitamins


Taking daily multivitamins at the right amounts is critical for those who are building muscles where most of the time gets missed out due to food restrictions that were supposed to have these essential vitamins but are shunned due to other substances that are fattening.

Taking daily vitamins ensure that you can get the right dosage

Aside from dietary sources, multivitamins in supplement form can be good options to source the micronutrients that you lack in your body.

Micronutrients are important for the body to enhance biochemical processes that make one healthy and aids in muscle and tissue health, growth and recovery.

Sourcing essential micronutrients from food may oftentimes not be totally achieved due to its varying amounts in each food item, for which values are often not constant. Plus, environmental toxins also affect content due to inadequate soil quality and preparation processes like cooking or mixing with other ingredients can deplete the vitamin contents opf certain foods.

Multivitamins are essential for training

Bodybuilders, fitness buffs and athletes know what it means to satiate the body’s needs for these essential micronutrients as it helps not just in building muscle gains, but also promotes overall health and wellness.

Here are the essential nutrients the body needs for enhanced muscle gains and health;

Vitamin D

Studies show that Vitamin D is essential for playing a key role in boosting immune and muscle function.

Research conducted by a neutraceutical company suggests that  the body needs to have 4000 to 6000 IU of Vitamin D to gain the optimal effects of the vitamin in the body. It is needed by the body to break down calcium and phosphorus that are essential for muscle contraction and function, as well as bone strength and growth.

Phosphorus, on the other hand, is essential for the production of adenosine triphosphate, an essential co-enzyme for the body that carries energy and boosts metabolism.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Commonly sourced from fish oil and other land based plant sources, Omega 3 fatty acids are one of the good fats for the body that helps reduce muscle protein breakdown.

Vitamin C

Aside from boosting immunity, Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that promote s cell membrane repair and prevents oxidative stress.  It is essential for the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It is also responsible for boosting health of the blood vessels that supports the need for nutrients and oxygen.

Vitamin E

This is an essential antioxidant that is highly effective against oxidative stress, by allowing the cell membrane to maximize its potential to promote cellular growth and function.

B complex vitamins

These vitamins are essential for muscle strength and heath.  B1 (thiamine)  and B6 (pyridoxine) increase the production of hemoglobin and the metabolism of protein, which are  all responsible for carrying oxygen to the blood stream and goes to the muscles and tissues.

  • B2 (riboflavin) and B3 (niacin) are essential in the metabolism of energy oxidation of fatty acids as well as with the production of energy.
  • B7 (biotin) is crucial to the metabolism of amino acids to synthesize protein in the body.
  • B15 (cyanocobalamin) helps in the maintenance of nerve tissues and metabolizes fat and carbohydrates in the body.


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