Squat More Weight: Ways To Maximize Your Potential


Brittany Smith from Men’s Fitness says that you can pump up your workout by drinking a cup of coffee. This drink can enhance your squats according to a study released by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. The research examined the effects of coffee and caffeine on strength training. They had nine resistance-trained men participate in the study.

The results were significant: the participants were able to squat a remarkable amount of total weight after drinking a combination of decaf and pure caffeine, then coffee, decaf and pure caffeine. Find out more about the details of the study below:

How Coffee Can Help You Squat More Weight

Get more from your workout by upgrading your pre-workout to a cup of joe.  In fact, coffee could be even better for boosting your squats than the pre-workout you’re guzzling now Read more…

Rob King from T-Nation talks about the things that you need to know how to squat more weight. He suggested simple exercises that you can start with. He gives advice about squats and why it is considered as the backbone of strength training. Strength is important and when you add this factor to your squat, it’ll even let you perform better.

There will come a time though that you’ll slow down and you’ll notice your improvement becomes dormant. When this happens, take a step forward and build confidence. Teach your body how to handle heavier weights.

4 Crazy Ways to Squat More Weight

However, there will come a point when your squat numbers will slow and your progress will come to a standstill. Adding more weight to the bar isn’t always the answer. Read more…

Eric Bach from Breaking Muscle tells us about the ten tips to enhance your squat. He talks about how the exercise remedies chicken leg syndrome and at the same time, builds quality muscle mass. This exercise develops body strength muscle growth, and enhances athleticism.

To perform this properly, you need to be able to move and execute proper position. You have to be stable to control movement as well. Lifters have a problem though: they lack the ability to squat effectively. It’s time for you to change that so check out these killer tips how to make yourself train for maximum strength.

10 Killer Tips to Boost Your Squat

Despite the fact you need to train heavy to build maximum strength, people often neglect heavy weights. Yes, training with submaximal loads will spare your joints and nervous system to a degree, but even to maximize submaximal training you need a base of absolute strength. Read more…

For more tips, check out this video from ATHLEAN-X:


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