Traditional Herbs To Power Digestion


Using traditional herbs to power digestion helps the body regulate the process when the system makes it difficult to do so due to lack of proper nutrition or not having good eating habits.

It is safe to use herbs to power digestion

In fact, using traditional herbs to power digestion processes in the body helps our bodies to function optimally, when it sometimes gets affected by a sudden change in eating habits or when the process weakens due to illness.

Symptoms of a poor digestive system ranges from sleep deprivation, lack of energy to irregular bowel movements. It also causes skin problems in several cases.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is known for using traditional herbs to help improve organ processes that are most often associated with body health like the liver, spleen and the stomach linked to the digestive system.

The practice of using natural herbs is traced back thousands of years with the Chinese and has been documented through generations, with most of these herbal medicine practice have been proven effective over years and years of treating conditions and promoting better health.

List of herbs below:

Geng Mi – This is the Chinese term for rice, which TCM claims soothes the digestive system. The substances that give rice its sweetness tone and strengthen the stomach.

This is also the reason explained by TCM that people who have stomach disorders are made to eat congee or rice porridge, mixed with several herbal ingredients and spices to aid in the healing process.

Ji Nei Jin –  Translated as ‘chicken inner golden’  this refers to an herb that looks similar to chicken gizzards and promotes digestion and found to push stagnant food down the belly.

Shan Zha – Also known as the hawthorn berry. It can be brewed like tea to drink after every meal. The sweet sour taste of the extract is good for digesting meats and fats. It has also been known for promoting cardiovascular health.

Mai Ya – The Chinese name for barley, which is high in soluble fiber that helps facilitate the digestion of starches and carbohydrates. It also helps in the breakdown of food and excreting waste from the intestines.

Chen Pi – This is the skin of the orange or tangerine. It has been known to regulate the digestive system and helps prevent stomach cramps or sudden fatigue that indicates a poor digestive process taking place.

Make sure that you consult a TCM practitioner before using traditional herbs to power digestion so they may be able to help you with the right amounts and proper consumption in order to optimize the health effects.


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