Health Benefits: Pea Protein


Do you want to shed fat without relying on animal-based products? If so, you will find more choices than ever before for plant-based protein supplements to help you achieve your goals.

You can get all of the protein that you need from plants and plant protein supplements. It is likely you have noticed that whey and casein, both milk products, are the primary source of protein supplements on the market. Fortunately, even if you are a vegan, you can get all of the protein that your body needs through plant supplements. This will help you lose fat and sculpt your body.

The health benefits of pea protein make it a popular choice for vegan athletes. However, there are also those who choose them because they are searching for products that are GMO-free or due to a dairy intolerance. The majority of pea protein supplements on the market do not contain GMO ingredients. This protein isolate is highly digestible and is usually more than 80 percent protein. A serving of 30 grams will generally contain about one of fiber and two in fat. The product is high in glutamine and arginine. Additionally, the 2:1:1 ratio of leucine to valine and isoleucine is perfect for the branched-chain amino acids.


All supplements come with guidelines and you need to review the ones with yours for maximum effectiveness. This menu will provide you an introduction to what you need. When planning your training schedule, it is important that you take supplements at the appropriate time.

  • Breakfast: Include a scoop of powdered protein supplement into your morning hot cereal. You can choose soy, hemp pea or whey. During the night, your body goes through muscle wasting known as catabolism due to not eating. This will help to curb it quickly.
  • Pre-workout: Before each workout, you need to have a protein shake to provide the protein your body needs. You can use more than one type to maximize the benefits, just do not use too much total. Whey enters your system rapidly whereas casein will provide longer-term release. For an added boost to your shake, include another protein source with medium digestibility such as an egg, nut butter or soy product.
  • Post-workout: After your workout routine, your muscles are craving amino acids to aid in muscle building. Just as the types of protein you use before the workout can be combined for maximum effect, so can your post-workout drink. While whey is great for an instant hit to your system, including those that take longer to break down will give you the most gain from your routine.
  • Before Bed: Include a scoop of protein in fat-free milk.
  • Meal Replacement: While you need to eat real meals, you may not be able to once in a while. In this case, look for a protein powder blend that you can use for these occasions.

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