5 Health Benefits of Hemp that People Don’t Know About


Every time someone mentions the cannabis plant, we instantly associate it with concepts like “illegal” and “drugs” but that’s just because we know so little about the cannabis plant. There are two main types of ingredients found in the plant and they are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). While marijuana plants are grown specifically for extracting the psychoactive substance THC, hemp is grown under conditions that increase its CBD content. As CBD is perfectly legal and has no psychoactive effects whatsoever, it’s often used in popular and beneficial pet supplements such as Canna-Pet to boost overall health in dogs and cats. Some of those benefits of hemp supplements apply to human beings as well and that’s exactly what we are going to take a look at now.

Slow Digestion

The effect of hemp on the human digestive system is quite unique as it slows down the digestion process. Granted, it may not really sound like an advantage or benefit right away, it is actually immensely helpful for a number of reasons. The fiber and the protein are responsible for slowing down digestion, which prevents sudden blood sugar spikes. It also provides our bodies with a steady flow of energy, keeping us active throughout the day. The energizing effect of hemp ingestion is beneficial to one and all, but it’s particularly helpful for those that suffer from diabetes and other blood glucose related disorders.

Losing Weight

Not that CBD directly makes you lose weight, but it definitely helps if you’re trying to cut down on portions and junk food in particular. As explained in the previous point, CBD helps in slowing down digestion and this curbs your hunger. A few sprinkles of hemp with your breakfast or lunch can keep you full for a long time, thereby eliminating the need to snack in-between meals.

Cardiovascular Health

Omega-3 fatty acids are clinically proven to lower blood pressure and the chances of developing heart disease; since hemp is rich in omega–3, cardiovascular health is improved by default. Although it has not been established beyond all doubts yet, some studies indicate that hemp could even act as a deterrent towards neurodegenerative diseases and disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

Healthy Skin and Hair

Also rich in Omega–6 fatty acids, hemp consumption on a regular basis can improve the quality of one’s skin, hair, and even bones.

Neurological and Muscular Improvements

In sharp contrast to the effects of marijuana, Cannabidiols actually help to increase our mental awareness, brain functionality, muscular, and neurological coordination. The fact that hemp is also rich in essential amino acids contributes to better regeneration, healing, and maintenance of the internal organs and general muscle tissues as well.

Often hailed as both a potential “miracle plant” and as the most misunderstood herb of all time, cannabis still holds many mysteries which modern medical science is continuously trying to unveil. In the meantime, hemp as a dietary supplement is already providing a lot of the benefits that we never previously knew would be coming from the same plant that gave us weed!


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