The Amazing Power Of Bone Broth


There’s in fact truth to what our elders claim as a healing power of bone broth when mothers used to hand us a bowl of chicken or beef bone soup when down with the flu or having a cold, in fact, the practice is even encouraged as it provides a wealth of health benefits, even better than consuming meat.

What people believed as bone broth are actually soup stock produced from boiling meat and bones, making a soup full of proteins and nutrients that are good for the body, which contains a good amount of essential amino acids and minerals, believed to be higher than the meat itself.

Breakdown Of The Healing Power Of Bone Broth


It may be considered as a non essential amino acid and is highly bioavailable in the body, however, this is involved in ensuring some of the essential processes in the body. Glycine contributes to the production of creatine, glutathione and heme, the substance that transport iron and oxygen in the blood.

Glycine is also essential for the healing of wounds and contribute to glucose production and digestion. As a major neurotransmitter, glycine helps in promoting deep sleep and has become popular with fasting programs as it has been proven to support glucose production and detoxification while it minimizes muscle protein degeneration.


It is most associated as part of the structure of collagen and a key component that make up the skin, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and bones. It is needed for the body to repair damaged tissues while sleeping. Low amounts of proline in the body has been shown to slow down healing.

Both glycine and proline make up almost half of the composition of collagen, which is the most abundant protein and the body and is considered as the main building block of connective tissue, including ligaments and tendons.

When the body goes through aging, collagen also breaks down leading to reduced structural stability, hardening of the joints, thins out cartilage and makes the skin less resilient to diseases and infections.

Meat bones that come from the knuckles, feet , bone marrow and big bones are rich in collagen and when simmered for long periods, produce the collagen rich broth.

When cooked, collagen gets broken down into gelatin that helps support gut healing and has been proven to have god effects for those with autoimmune diseases or systematic inflammation.

Just like the bones made for broth, it provides the body with all the raw elements needed to rebuild and strengthen the body’s connective tissues.

Among the other nutrients that can be sourced from bone broth are glutamine that strengthens the immune system  and helps maintain the integrity of the intestinal walls. It also provides good amounts of glycosaminoglycans that promote bone health, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate that helps fight joint inflammation and glucosamine.

You may start saving on those meat bones so you can benefit from its healthy nutrients that promise the healing power of bone broth.


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