Guide on Jump Rope Exercises


Jump rope exercises are a great way to lose weight as well as improve your heart and circulatory systems. You probably have not jumped rope since you were in grade school, but now we are going to look at this in a different light.

Losing weight is one of the most important results of jumping rope. For example, if a person jumped rope for thirty minutes per day, it would cause him or her to lose about a pound per week. That is not too bad, especially since the muscles in the legs, arms, back and abdomen will be trained and toned.

When beginning a jump rope routine, it is important to dress comfortably, preferably in workout clothing and gym shoes. The rope should be long enough to extend just beyond your feet when you jump while holding the rope in each hand at the waist area.

The first exercise to begin with is the straight jump rope exercise that you would think of when jumping rope. With the hands holding the rope, begin with the rope back behind, and swinging the rope from behind using mainly the wrists, bring the rope up over the head. When the rope comes down from the head towards the feet, jump up slightly and let the rope pass under the feet.

Try this once until you get used to the rhythm and then begin to try it multiple times until you create a rhythm and timing, knowing when to jump. You may not be very good at this in the beginning, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Once you have established some coordination in your jump rope exercises, jump rope for different time limits. Start with 5 minutes. Set a timer. Then increase the times until you can jump on a continuous basis for 30 minutes. Work on form. Keep the shoulders straight, look straight ahead, chest lifted and jump softly.

The next exercise will involve jumping on one leg for thirty seconds. Then switch to the other leg for the same amount of time. Repeat the exercise twice. Once you become good enough at this that you feel comfortable, switch legs without stopping. This will help in building balance and confidence.’

Jump rope

Next, try jumping rope as fast as you can possible jump. Create a rhythm for this faster speed. You may only be able to accomplish this after several attempts, but strive to hit a number of jumps. You might start out with 5 and work up from there.

Be sure to take adequate resting periods between jumps. You will probably get tired very quickly, so take the time to recover. Be sure that you hydrate yourself as well by having plenty of water on hand.

You can also set a goal of completing so many repetitions per session. This makes things pretty simple, because all you have to do is count. This activity should be tracked and the reps should be increased over time. You could even do them in set, such as 50 reps, then rest. 50 more and rest. Do this until you are tired enough to quit for that session.

Jump rope exercises will work out nearly every muscle in your body, so it is a good idea to start slowly, and work up to more ambitious goals. After six months of rope jumping, you will look in the mirror and see a new person.


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