Going Gluten Free: Recipes You Can Trust This Holiday Season


Greatist.com shares these wonderful recipes for cookies. These are holiday treats to enjoy with your entire family. What’s good about these is that they’re especially themed to be GFCs. What are GFCs? Well, it stands for “grain free cookies.”

This features the work of Danielle Walker of Against All Grain. Yes, you guessed it right. She’s a total expert in grain-free foods. We totally trust this foodie – she can whip up something that tastes like the real deal. 

5 Gluten-Free Holiday Cookies That Prove Grains Are Overrated

Somewhere between the Samoas of our Girl Scout cookie phase and the sticky macaroons of the Passover table lie these fluffy chocolate cookies. They’re delicately sweet with honey and just the right level of rich. Read more…

Inquisitr says that these are the Gluten Free treats for everyone. It’s especially great for Christmas time. Have a little party with these awesome recipes. We know it can get quite challenging when it comes to food – more so if you’re family’s gluten-free. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the merriment brought by excellent food and treats. You can definitely indulge yourself in these festivities. A lot of these foods are naturally gluten free.

Gluten Free Treats For the Holidays:  Recipes For Christmas Cookies, Fudge, Candy And More

Want even more? The Roasted Root has a compilation of over 50 Christmas cookie recipes, many of which are also paleo, vegan and/or raw, and more. You can find chocolate peppermint meringue Christmas trees, coconut sugar stars, rice flour jam cookies, peppermint hot chocolate bites, …Read more…

What about food for a special dinner with friends? Interested? Check Cooking Light’s genius menus. You’re already aware that most foods are naturally without gluten. Examples of these are green beans, Brussels sprouts, and citrus salads.

Now, they’ve created an entire set of foods that are safe. These are the usual recipes but they’ve been tweaked a little bit so you can turn these into a feast for gluten-intolerant folks.

Gluten-Free Holiday Menu

With these tips and tricks, you can turn our traditional holiday recipes into a delicious gluten-free holiday menu. Read labels carefully; gluten hides in unexpected places. Read more…

Check out Nature’s Emporium’s Gluten Free Holiday Recipe – Ginger Jingle Balls:


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