Include This In Your New Year’s Resolution: Clean Dieting For 2017


Muscle and Strength discusses the differences between the vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian diet plans. First, the vegan diet is strongly focused on the health properties of food as well as the moral implications of the diet. It does not include any animal-based foods and products. All meat from fish chicken, shellfish, dairy, eggs are excluded.

The Vegetarian diet is aa bit more loose on the consumption of animal products. Though animal foods aren’t allowed in vegan meals, vegetarians can consume dairy products like milk and eggs. This is something that makes a big difference because dairy can help prevent nutritional deficiencies in a vegan diet.

The Pescatarian diet is somehow next to being almost a carnivore. This is like a modified version of vegetarianism. It has a similar approach in terms of food philosophy and diet. However, there’s one distinction: it allows the consumption of fish and other shellfish.

The Vegan, Vegetarian, & Pescatarian Diet Plan Guide

The idea of not eating animals has been around for centuries; primarily due to religious reasons. For example, Buddhist Vegetarianism can be dated back to between the 6th and 4th Century BC. Veganism as it is currently practiced can be credited to Donald Watson. He co-founded the Vegan Society in England and his initial prescription of veganism was what is now described as non-dairy vegetarianism. Read more…  

PopSugar explains that eating clean can be within your reach if you just have the right ingredients ready. This is quite achievable. You just need to get the appropriate eating guide. This two-week plan is going to pave way to get you to your goals. These include easy-to-make recipes, shopping lists, and a good breakdown on what to prepare.

This plan was initiated by expert dietitians, Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh of C&J Nutrition. It emphasizes eating whole foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean protein. The routine includes three meals, a snack, and a treat. It doesn’t have to be a boring routine right? You don’t have to deny yourself of the foods you love.

It involves going alcohol-free as well. You can have your daily cup of joe but no cream since the practice includes being dairy-free. 

Welcome to Your Clean-Eating Plan For 2017

Eating clean is easy when you have all the ingredients on hand. Our 2-Week Clean-Eating Plan sets you up for success with easy-to-make and delicious recipes, printable shopping lists, and a weekly rundown of what to prep, make, and save. The plan, created by the registered dietitians Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh of C&J Nutrition, focuses on whole foods — fruits, veggies, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins. You’ll eat three meals, a snack, and a treat daily. Read more… has a different approach when it comes to being healthy for 2017. These are six simple ways to get you to adapt to a cleaner eating habit. While other people’s list include saving money and building relationships, there are those who want to prioritize their health this year. The transition from old habits to new and better ones give us hope that we can do simple changes.

Focusing on health this year doesn’t mean changing your entire game. It’s all about the small but meaningful moves that can bring about the big and effective results. You can absolutely reap the healthy benefits at the end of the year.

Just make a note though: these are small steps that you can do one at a time. There’s no need to rush. It’s a starting point. If the first one does not work out for you, move on to the next one.

6 Simple Ways To Get Healthy For 2017

We’re counting down to the New Year, when a lot of folks put their health front and center on their resolution lists. But being healthier for 2017 doesn’t have to mean revamping your entire routine. Sometimes, all it takes are a few simple changes. It’s all about the small moves you make that reap huge health benefits down the road. Read more…

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