Carbs Are Not The Enemy: Find Out Why


Fitness Magazine says that if you want to feel pumped up before your workout, a good pre-workout meal should do the trick. Eating carbs is a way to fuel up before your workout. It totally helps you maximize your potential.

There’s really a big difference when you’re taking carbs. These should be considered as body boosters instead of a six-pack’s ultimate enemy. They tend to feed your muscles so they can work harder.

The Good Carbs to Eat Before a Workout

The best exercise-boosting carbs include whole foods like whole-wheat bread, fruit, yogurt, milk, and starchy vegetables, says Rumsey. That unprocessed aspect qualifies them as “good,” or unrefined. Read more…

Huffington Post says that a low carb diet has helped individuals lose weight. However, this doesn’t mean you have to make them a priority. This kind of diet doesn’t have to be on your best choice list. If you exercise, reducing your carb intake might not be such a good idea.

The long-term effect of this practice might take a toll on your body. Why is it that a lot of people still find it helpful? Diet trends are to blame. People tend to turn a blind-eye to scientific evidence if the diet is something that can produce fast results.

Carbs Are Not the Enemy: Oversimplification Is

Can low-carb diets really help people lose weight? Of course they can. But that doesn’t necessarily make them your best choice. In fact, if you exercise regularly, reducing your carb intake too far can be a bad idea. Find out why. Read more…

Our Body Book says that clients express their fear of carbohydrates. It’s not entirely their fault. Their exposure to bad media has influenced their perception regarding this type of food.

They covered the importance of carbohydrates. Our body uses this as energy to get us through the day. This is our body’s most preferred source of energy but it is possible for us to live without carbs. This is not the most ideal situation though. 

Carbohydrates Are Not The Enemy

I hear too often from clients about their fear regarding eating carbohydrates, no fault to their own as the media has twist and turned carbohydrates into being “good” then “bad” and back again. Read more…

Krush Fitness talks about carbs and the low-carb diet:


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