Best Way To Preserve Muscle: Tips To Keep Your Gains


Muscle and Strength tells us that people often think you can only pick one option: gain mass or fat loss. It’s never both. However, this article is bound to change your mind. You can get useful tips here how to maintain both while on a diet.

You hear it from almost everyone: “You’re going to lose all the bulk.” It’s a popular opinion. When you go into a cutting cycle, people think you’re going to shrink and lose the muscle.

What’s the Best Way to Preserve Mass When Dieting?

While it is true that during periods of sever calorie restriction your muscle mass goes pretty quickly, there are ways to maintain virtually all of your muscle when you are trying to get lean.” Read more…

What are the things that we should do to maintain the mass and the strength that we’ve worked for? Muscle for Life sharesthe workouts that are absolutely useful.

If you’re not able to go to the gym five times a week, there are things that you can do. It’s not a dead-end. You can retain your bulk and even continue to get massive. Just take note of these:

How to Maintain Muscle and Strength with Minimal Exercise

Well, consider a study conducted by the University of Alberta with competitive rowers. After 10 weeks of weightlifting 3 times per week, 18 varsity female rowers were split into two groups. Both groups then did 6 weeks of maintenance resistance training, with one group training once per week, and the other twice per week. Read more…

Muscle and Fitness tells us that you can lose fat while keeping your mass intact. This is an excellent eating guide. It can let you stave off extra pounds and get you back into great shape in no time while your solid mass remains.

We’re all guilty of doing this: sometimes we do the extremes just to look good and feel great about ourselves. However, in order for your strategy to be effective, it doesn’t have to be totally extreme. You’ll need a sustainable approach to reach your goals

Lose Fat While Keeping Hard Earned Muscle

Even when prepping for a physique show, the athletes who look the best typically stay on track all year long, and don’t force themselves to lose fat fast by depriving themselves. Read more…

Take it from the expert Vince Del Monte. Check his video and listen to him – Way To Lose Fat WITHOUT Losing you gains:


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