Tips On Balancing Your Hormones With Vegetables


T-nation shares tips on how to balance your hormones using the right veggies. Author Erick Avila explains that when you eat the right vegetables, it can help your hormones return to their normal levels and prevent cancer.

The author gave suggestions about the foods rich in IC3, which is responsible for managing hormonal levels. It affects the hormonal activities because it has a great impact on estrogen receptor activity and estrogen metabolism.

Tip: Balance Your Hormones With the Right Veggies

Eat enough of the right vegetables and they’ll help you balance your estrogen levels, which can help prevent cancer. Here’s what to eat. Read more…

Dr. Geo Espinosa from explains that cruciferous vegetables should be included in every man’s diet. These are important in equalizing the hormonal levels in the body as well as fight inflammatory conditions common in men such as arthritis and gout.

These vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, collard greens, horseradish, and many more! To maximize your health benefits, eat them raw a few times every week.

Men: Eat These Super Veggies To Balance Your Hormones

The best vegetables for overall male health are cruciferous vegetables. These vegetables are beneficial for men’s health: In addition to fiber and vitamins, they also provide indole-3-carbinol (precursor to diindolymethane, or DIM), isothiocyanate and glucoraphanin. Read more…

Dr. Axe gives a preview about hormones. These are considered as important messengers that affects our health. If there is even one that is not balanced, it can cause some problems for us. There are various ways for us to stabilize them, the natural way. We don’t have to depend on prescription drugs just to correct a mild imbalance.

The number one way to make the levels return to normal is to eat a variety of foods that help our body. In addition to the vegetables previously mentioned, these foods include avocados, wild-caught salmon and coconut oil.

10 Ways to Balance Hormones Naturally

The entire endocrine system works together to control the level of hormones circulating throughout your body, and if one or more is even even slightly imbalanced it can cause widespread, major health problems. Read more…

Check this video from Dr. Axe about the top 5 best foods to balance it out:


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