Top Worst Foods for Your Teeth


Our mouth goes through a lot every day. To be more specific, our tooth does the work all the time. The chewing, the gnawing, the crunching. It’s all because of our teeth that we get to enjoy food every day. However, as one gets older, we need to be wary about the bad food that’s not totally healthy for our teeth.

Amanda Gardner from says that that we can do as much on our end to prevent damage to our teeth. We have fillings, crowns, whitening methods which are helpful. However, the best method is prevention and we can start by watching our food. There are foods that cause damage and we are even unaware of them.

We can avoid damage by brushing religiously and by flossing it often. The most basic of all, is eating right. By choosing the right foods, we can stop the cavities and stains. The simplest rule is eating foods in moderation. However, it seems like we can’t always abide by this rule. Let’s check these guidelines and see which ones are the best and worst foods.

Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Prevention is the best medicine for your smile. Although fillings, crowns, and professional whitening can make your teeth stronger and brighter, it’s better (and cheaper!) to avoid cavities and stains in the first place, by brushing, flossing, and—last but not least—eating right. As the following guide explains, the food we eat can have a big impact on our teeth. Read more…

Catherine Winters for says that brushing and flossing can play an important role. These hygienic activities help get rid of sugars, food particles, and bacteria that form plaque. Plaques are the ones that damage the tooth enamel. It eventually turns into cavities and finally leads to dental problems or gum diseases. 

In order to combat these problems, there are foods which may be good for us. These encourage oral health and show promise of a better smile!

Chew on This: 8 Foods for Healthy Teeth

Regular brushing and flossing help keep teeth healthy by getting rid of sugars and food particles that team up with bacteria to form plaque. Plaque produces acid that damages tooth enamel, causes cavities and sets the stage for periodontal, or gum, disease. Read more… author Sophia Breene says that that the key to a healthier set of teeth may be found in your fridge. There are foods that prevent tooth decay, and even give you fresh breath. These are the right foods for you to chew on for healthier teeth!

Milk is number one on this list. Why? Dairy products are great providers of calcium and vitamin D. These are essential for bone health as it strengthens your bones and teeth. That’s not all! There are other sources out there. Check out the list!

The Best and Worst Foods for Healthy Teeth

Brush twice a day, floss often, use mouthwash…and eat? The secret to healthy teeth for life might be in the refrigerator. Certain foods can help prevent cavities and tooth decay, keep plaque (sticky bacteria filled-film that can cover the teeth and gums) at bay, and even freshen breath. Read on to learn how to impress the dentist by incorporating tooth-friendly foods into every meal. Read more…

Fox10News talks about the right kind of food that’s good for your dental health. Check the video below:


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