Sugar: The World’s Most Popular Drug


WB News says that this is something that can intoxicate us, give us enough energy to last for a while, and the best part is that we can take it by mouth. The taste is pleasurable. It doesn’t have to be taken in any other way. You don’t have to inject, smoke or snort it for you to experience its wonderful effects. This feeling is even better when we mix it with food and drinks. It gives children the feeling of intense pleasure that it may become the best source of energy for them.

Why is it that sugar presents such feeling of intoxication? Is it possible that sugar is an intoxicant? A drug? Overconsumption does not have any short-term effects like dizziness, slurring of speech, passing out, or respiratory distress. What is it with sugar? When given to kids, the effects can only be characterized by hyperactivity, or the natural emotional behaviors exhibited during childhood.

Is Sugar The World’s Most Popular Drug?

Imagine a drug that can intoxicate us, can infuse us with energy and can be taken by mouth. It doesn’t have to be injected, smoked, or snorted for us to experience its sublime and soothing effects. Imagine that it mixes well with virtually every food and particularly liquids, and that when given to infants it provokes a feeling of pleasure so profound and intense that its pursuit becomes a driving force throughout their lives. Read more…

The Guardian talks about the how it gets addicting for kids. We can all agree that it’s got some kind of an effect to children. It makes them happy, eases pain, focuses their attention and leaves them active. The only thing that gets parents worried is that children might ask for more, or even demand it on a daily basis.

This imaginary drug has influenced our daily lifestyle. It is deemed as necessary to alleviate discomfort, distract attention and prevent unhappiness. This is even used in special occasions like birthdays, holidays, and the rest of the celebrations.

The way we consume sweets even from early childhood to adulthood affects how we view sugar consumption. When you have kids, you’ll understand that raising them will be easier if sugar was not an option on the table. Monitoring children’s intake is also a big part of parental responsibilities. Rationing is very important in this part.

Is Sugar The World’s Most Popular Drug?

And once the drug became identified with pleasure, how long before it was used to celebrate birthdays, a football game, good grades at school? How long before no gathering of family and friends was complete without it, before major holidays and celebrations were defined in part by the use of this drug to assure pleasure? How long would it be before the underprivileged of the world would happily spend what little money they had on this drug rather than on nutritious meals for their families? Read more…

Even Healthline experts agree that the substance in sweet foods is as addictive as cocaine.  We give it to children to initiate a reward system, and we were even taught about this practice when we were young. We celebrate after a stressful day, or if there’s a birthday. We just love the sweet things in life and we enjoy it too much.

We put it in our coffee, add it to our favorite treats, and include it in our meals. How can we tell though if we’re addicted to it? As of this time, there is an increasing body of research that tells us sugar has some addictive properties that can be similar to street drugs and how it affects our brain.

Alan Greene, M.D., a children’s health and wellness expert, says that addiction is a strong word. In medical practice, “addiction” refers to a situation where someone’s brain chemistry has been disrupted in a way that compels them to repeat a substance or activity despite of harmful consequences. That’s why, it’s a cause for concern. Evidence is piling up – too much added sugar may lead to true addiction.

Experts Agree: Sugar Might Be as Addictive as Cocaine

We reward children with it, over the holidays or for a job well done in school. And we reward ourselves with it — after a particularly stressful day or to celebrate a birthday or a special success. We add sugar to our coffee, bake it into our favorite treats, and spoon it over our breakfast. We love the sweet stuff. We crave it. But, are we addicted to it? Read more…

We know that we can’t completely quit sugar. We must start on our end – pick sugars that produce a short blood sugar response. These help in fullness and appetite. Remember, take less of refined sugars. 


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