Workouts to Lose Arm Fat and Tone


Arm fats are just so annoying, I know. It makes you want to avoid sleeveless clothes or those with highly fitted sleeves. They are one of the most important parts you need to target if you want to achieve a bikini body.

Fortunately, there is a lot of workouts to lose arm fat, and these workouts also aim to tone them. Yoga teacher and triathlete Alice Toyonaga shares five workouts to lose arm fats, with and without equipment, on Fitness Republic:

Workouts to Lose Arm Fat

If you are looking to lose arm fat the solution is rather simple and straight forward. When you question yourself on how to lose arm fat, there is only one answer, which is, seeking some help from easy to do quick exercises to get rid of the horrendous arm fat!

Just spending ten minutes a day on your arms, following simple specialized work out routines targeted towards the arms alone can help you get the cuts and the lot to make them look super fit. Here are some of our top pick exercises that aim at how to lose arm fat, quick! Read more…

Fitness trainer Laura Mcdonald gives us a step-by-step exercises on Mind Body Green that aim to tone your arms, with just two dumbbells:

6 Killer Moves To Tone Your Arms

For this routine, all you need is a set of dumbbells that are three to 10 pounds. Choose a weight that is challenging for you, but start at a lighter weight if you’re a beginner. Adding weight to your workout helps to tone and create leaner muscles, boost your metabolism and you’ll burn calories all day long. I’ve put together six simple moves you can do as a routine or add in before or after a cardio session. Read more…

The use of weights is almost always needed when doing arm workouts, but did you know that you can actually tone your arms without them? Here’s a video that only takes FIVE MINUTES on Glamrs to show you how:

How To Get Toned Arms: 5 Minute Weight-Free Workout

With or without equipment? The choice is yours! These workouts to lose arm fat are very easy. They fit even for people with the busiest schedules as you can do them for 10 minutes, with 30 minutes as the maximum time. You may also increase the intensity of your exercises as your body gets used to them. 

You also have to follow a healthy, balanced diet. More protein is usually recommended as it maximizes your body’s muscle-building capacity, but you also have to eat a plentiful of fruits and vegetables to get the most benefit.


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