Workout Tips and A Brutal Plan for Beginners


It’s so easy to say you’re going to start working out, but when you actually start, you just don’t know where to begin. Well, technically, it’s hard to get off the couch and go into the gym. You probably know the basics or read some tips, but let’s face it: training alone can be really hard.

In this article, we’ve gathered the basic things you need to know about working out, as well as a challenging, brutal plan for beginners, whatever goals you have – lose weight, build muscle, or for the sake of a better health.

So let’s start with this guideline from crossfit trainer Jon Gilson on Whole Life Challenge:

How to Design Your Own Workout Program: A Guide for Beginner

Let’s be honest: trainers are expensive. The good ones are worth their weight in gold, creating awesome changes in a short period of time, but a dedicated trainer is still beyond most people’s budget. Read more…

Always carry this guide with you. It’s very important that you start off on the right track to successfully achieve your goals!

In addition to that, here are the common mistakes that you may want to watch out for, as discussed by certified strength and conditioning coach Anthony J. Yeung on Muscle and Fitness:


Everyone starts as a beginner. And as we get comfortable with working out, eventually we learn the basics: how to use the machines, how to observe gym etiquette, and what happens if we don’t wipe the gym equipment. Read more…

See, it’s a very important thing to remember not to overtrain, or train less. When you overtrain, you’re more likely to get injured or have sore muscles, which will keep you from training for weeks. On the other hand, when you’re inconsistent with your training, you won’t gain much because your body is not developing. So like anything else on this planet, it should be in moderation.

For the last part, bodybuilder and creator of the Mountain Dog Diet John Meadows and fitness editor Mark Barroso shared IFFB Pro Cody Montgomery‘s workout plan on Flex:

Bodybuilding 101 Featuring Cody Montgomery

So you’re not as jacked as any of the guys at your gym—including the dude behind the desk. Follow this road map to massive strength and size gains and you can be. It won’t be easy, and results won’t appear overnight, but stay the course and the goal is 100% attainable. The catch? It’s on you to execute the game plan we’ve put together. That includes following the workout plan; forcing yourself to train when you’re dog tired; eating clean; and pushing yourself to finish when all you can think about is throwing in the towel. Read more…

These tips and basic, but brutal plan for beginners come in handy, whether you’re just starting out or starting over again.

Don’t rely too much on supplements, eat plenty of healthy food at the right times of the day. Feeding your body with the right food will help you boost your metabolism, burn calories twice as much, maximize gains, and more. Also, don’t forget to always bring water with you to keep yourself hydrated!

The most important of all is to never risk yourself for injuries. Your workout goals do not happen overnight – everything takes time. Just continue to be consistent in your training, record your progress, practice a variety of moves, challenge yourself, and give yourself time to recover. Never underestimate the importance of a warm up, stretch, or break.

Be patient, and your hard work will pay off in the end!


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