Workout for Monster Quads


Quadriceps femoris muscles, also called quadriceps, quadriceps extensor, or simply quads, are a large muscle group on your front thigh. They are one of the most important parts you need to focus on when working out as they are mostly used when walking, running, cycling and other activities that you pretty much do every day.

It’s good to have toned quads, no matter if you’re a sports person, yoga instructor, weightlifter or simply a normal person wanting to improve your body build, because they make you feel strong all throughout.

Here’s a great workout for monster quads recommended by American IFBB professional bodybuilder Branch Warren on Muscular Development:


Branch Warren wasn’t blessed with much in the way of bodybuilding genetics. Sure, he’s known for some of the freakiest legs of all time, but they weren’t a gift. Every inch of mass, every striation and all the deep cuts are the result of work. A day in the gym with Branch is about that lace ‘em up, pack a lunch and get down and dirty sort of work. Read more…

These sets can be very heavy for a beginner, so if you’re one, don’t push yourself too hard or that will lead to unwanted injuries. Having bulky quads doesn’t happen overnight! Start with short reps and low intensity, and then increase these as your fitness level increases.

But if you don’t have the luxury of time to exercise every day, here’s a short workout by health and fitness expert Phil Gephart on Men’s Fitness:


This workout requires a loaded barbell for front squats, and a sled that you can pull backward. If you don’t have access to a sled, get creative with ways to perform a similar move. Read more…

And according to fitness writer Jenny Sugar, it’s important to stretch after working out. Here are a few stretches to do on Pop Sugar:

5 Moves to Stretch Out Your Quads

Stretching out the quads is a must do after hiking, cycling, running, stair-stepping, or any other activity that gives your thighs a workout. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to stretch these muscles, including these five. Read more…

In conclusion, it’s very important to work your quads because they enhance your leg strength, and come on, how would you rock a beach body if you don’t have sexy thighs? It will be much easier for you to wear shorts, skinny jeans and leggings because you will be confident with yourself.

So follow these sets of workout for monster quads and rock your leg wears in no time. Don’t forget to stretch after!


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