Workout and Training Tips for Hulking Up


One of the most popular Marvel superheroes, the Incredible Hulk is a pretty big, green humanoid that serves as a body inspiration to a lot of bodybuilders. Not the green part, though.

But his bulky body will make you wonder how many times he works out every day.

Even though he’s a fictional character, you can also sculpt your body the same way as he does. Check out this workout and training tips for hulking up, from the movie’s Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno, as written by Greg Merritt on Flex:

Lou Ferrigno’s Mass Class

Before and after he was the Hulk, Lou Ferrigno was bodybuilding’s ultimate behemoth. When Arnold Schwarzenegger was winning Olympias at 235, Lou was 275. And when Dorian Yates was collecting Sandows at 265, Lou was 315. In fact, the future not-so-jolly green giant first broke the 300-pound barrier in the off-season at the age of 20—an unprecedented muscular body weight in the early ’70s. At 6’5″, he towered over competitors, but whereas most tall bodybuilders have trouble filling out, Ferrigno carried his mass proportionately with pleasing symmetry. Read more…

In addition to that, IFBB professional bodybuilder Ben Pakulski shares a workout program, on Muscle and Fitness:


Take a look around the next time you’re walking down the street. You’ll notice a lot of dissatisfied men—men who feel they have a bit too much Bruce Banner in them and not enough Incredible Hulk (the size and strength of The Hulk, mind you, not all the rage and destructiveness). Afterward, take a look in the mirror. Read more…

Finally, you can achieve any superhero body by following this workout from certified strength and conditioning specialist Sean Hyson on Men’s Fitness:


As The Incredible Hulk rages into theaters next month, we thought we’d show you how to hulk up your own chest and shoulders. We also put together some lifts, tips, and drills for getting Wolverine’s forearms, the Flash’s speed, and Spider-Man’s agility. Improve your physique, gain strength and athleticism, and become a hero yourself. Read more…

See? It’s pretty easy to sculpt your body like a superhero, you just have to follow these workouts and training tips for hulking up. These moves will reward you with lean and strong muscles from head to toe!

Remember that a toned body starts in the kitchen, too. This means that you have to follow a balanced diet, eating enough amount of meat, poultry and dairy, while loading up on fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds. Eat your greens – just like the Hulk!


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