Surprising Diet Advice: Why Science Justifies Eating Fried Food


Surprising new research indicates why science justifies eating fried food. When vegetables are either fried or sautéed in EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), cancer-fighting compounds are strengthened.

Vegetables in general are good for your body. However, by frying them with EVOO, you improve them in two important ways. First, you give them a boost in taste. Second, you make them even healthier for you.

That may not sound right, but you did see the line correctly. You need to FRY the vegetables. The University of Granada just put out a study that indicates that cooking vegetables in this way has a number of benefits. The food can help you stave off cancer. It can help you age well and even keep you from developing macular degeneration and diabetes.

Whenever you cook a vegetable, you decrease the amount of nutrients it has. This is because when a vegetable is boiled, vitamins are released into the water. As a result, frying was thought to be harsh on food as well. However, this latest study shows that might not be the case.

Researchers worked with eggplant, tomato, pumpkin and potato to determine why science justifies eating fried food. They removed both the skin and the seeds, and they cooked the vegetables in several different ways. They were boiled in water, boiled in water and extra virgin olive oil, fried in EVOO and sautéed in EVOO.

After the vegetables were done, researchers looked at several aspects of the food. They examined the moisture content, number of phenols, dry matter, antioxidant capacity and fat. Vegetables that were fried in extra virgin olive oil had more fat, less moisture and had higher antioxidant and phenol levels. These same results were not found among the other methods of cooking.

As a result, the researchers determined that using oil to transfer the heat led to higher levels of phenolic compounds in vegetables. This means that the vegetables are even better for you, although they do have more calories as a result of the cooking process. Boiling did not have this same effect, because the heat transfer took place in the water.

It is important to remember that fat is not the enemy. Keep an eye on the amount of oil that you are eating, however; you do not want to go overboard.


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