Why is Organic Food a Healthier Choice?


You may have read some of our articles recommending to choose organic produce, and wondered why. Well, you’re in the right page. This article is exactly going to discuss on why is organic food a healthier choice.

First off, let’s define it. Organic food, in a nutshell, is an all natural food. This means it wasn’t genetically engineered, and that there are no harmful pesticides or fertilizers used.

Pregnant women and children should actually consume it because they are more vulnerable. Pesticides found in produce may cause cancers, behavioral disorders, autism and brain damage in fetuses and children.

More details is discussed in this article written by Melissa Zimmerman on Fitness Republic:

Is Organic Food A Healthier Choice?

Organic food sales are booming. Every day, more and more people are seeking out the organic label in grocery stores across the country. As many as 84% of American consumers surveyed say they purchase organic food. Read more…

In addition to that, here’s a very interesting article, by Mark DeNicola on Collective Evolution, with a video on what happens to your body when you choose organic:

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Switch To Organic Food

By this point we are all more than aware of the options we are faced with when shopping for food, especially produce. Mostly because of its higher price point – although the gap is shrinking – the vast majority of us opt away from the organic section to buy conventional. This Swedish family, featured in the video below, is of no exception, as they too have spent their entire lives eating conventionally grown and produced food. Read more…

And lastly, Lucy Lazarony shares some tips on how you can buy them without breaking the bank:

10 Tips for Buying Organic Food on a Budget

Do you enjoy buying organic food but find you’re turned off by the price? If you’re willing to do some creative shopping and cooking, you can enjoy the freshness and goodness of organic foods without breaking your food budget. Read more…

So, why is organic food a healthier choice? It’s because it’s 100 percent natural, which means it wasn’t exposed to harmful chemicals, and the nutrients are retained. Plus, it tastes way better.

Chemicals from pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers in our food has been found to cause diseases. In fact, just a few weeks ago, some US farmers, who developed cancers, sued Monsanto for their glyphosate usage in their RoundUp herbicide.

You can never go wrong with organic produce. The only downside is that it can be pricey. Then again, you can buy it cheap by buying in bulk or in-season at the farmers’ market. Or you may also grow your own, too.

Some products may have “natural” labels, but that’s part of product marketing that only tricks you into thinking these are organic. Don’t be fooled. Always make sure that you buy those with a “100% organic” or “Non-GMO product” seal.


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