Why Dieters Love Instagram And How It Is Shaping Lives


Why dieters love Instagram is not because of any strict diet rules, but a community of supporters and fitness questers who share their individual milestones by posting photos of their healthy culinary masterpieces and recipes.

Why dieters love Instagram is because of Whole30

Whole30 is an Instagram community that shares millions of visually stunning photos of sugar –free, gluten-free, dairy-free and alcohol-free food, sometimes even accompanied with milestone mementos of their bodies after a 30-day diet.

People have been using Instagram as a ‘fridge’ of sorts, where they often post online photos of their diet-inspired meals and recipes and for very helpful reasons that promote healthful eating and a healthy lifestyle.

No more worrying of losing fridge door space

What perhaps may be a less- complicated reason that this fad is catching on is the fact that it gives more people freedom to share and learn about fitness the more modern and far-reaching way.

Get a load of this, a community called #FitFam tops the list for the most number of posts on the healthy lifestyle niche with a jaw-dropping 46 million posts to date.

Take for example the #WeightWatchers community that already has 3.5 million Instagram posts to date- and counting. Another rave community where followers are subscribing to a Paleo lifestyle already has 7.5 million photos posted as of the last count.

“Not only do you want to feel like you belong to something bigger than yourself, but it’s important to stay connected so you have the accountability and motivation,”  says Melissa Hartwig, a professional nutritionist and fitness instructor who co-developed the Whole30 program back in 2009.

Hartwig points out that the program gives people the opportunity to connect online imbued with a sense of accountability and motivation, as well as develop among themselves a sense of belongingness as members of an online community.

The book Whole30 was published in 2015 and has already sold more than half a million copies.

Active social support

Active social support and getting it right away is the clincher for the Whole30 fitness community where one gets the adulation and well-wishes of people for posting a fitness milestone online. While those wanting to stay anonymous or maintain a sense of privacy could indulge in the inspiration of photos or recipes without being compelled to share or interact in the community.


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