Whole Head Transplant May Get The Go Signal By Early 2017


Whole head transplant may seem like a story fresh out of the movie screen, but is in fact a true story that will be able to indeed break world records for a successful attachment.

Whole head transplant gets mixed reactions

There’ll be those that will believe and there are those who don’t. But once the procedure becomes successful, Russian paraplegic Valery Spiridonov, he just might have a new lease in life.

This is going to be another chance at a medical breakthrough for Italian neurosurgeon Dr. Sergio Canavero, who will be partnering with Chinese surgeon Dr. Xiaoping Rin and have started preparations in the next few months preceding the controversial head transplant procedure.

Chance to be normal

Spiridonov has been suffering from Werdnig- Hoffman Disease since he was very young. This is a rare yet often fatal health condition that breaks down the muscles and dissolves the tissues. 

Spiridonov is hopeful that they do not get to see any unlikely predicament over the preparations and even during the highly-sensitive procedure. He also points out that he totally rests his hopes on the success of the operation and hopes to rid himself of the disease that has plagued him since childhood.

Too good to be true

There are many experts from the medical community who are expressing their great concern over the process itself, after giving rise to questions about whether the procedure would be successful or not.

For his part, Canavero is publishing his plans and detailing it daily, confident that he will succeed in the procedure after it has been successfully tested with mice along with some evidence of studies and experiments highlighted in the journal Surgical Neurology International.

Skeptics, however, abound claiming that since the procedure has not yet been tested on humans, the complexities of the procedure may be too difficult and could end killing the patient.

Others also raised concerns that Canavero may be extremely over-estimating his capacity and his team in conducting the procedure. While others are criticizing Canavero for promoting what they call junk science and may only end up creating only false hopes.

Big team of surgeons and support staff

Canavero said that the procedure would require no less than 80 surgeons and may cost a lot of money to the tune of tens millions of dollars. But he is confident that it will all be for the best as he expressed a 90 plus percent chance that the procedure will become successful.


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