Whittle Your Middle Section With These Exercises


Doing planks, sit ups, push ups and crunches, or using bars, weight plates, among other gym equipment – to be honest, there are a lot of exercises to choose from to strengthen your core. All of them are effective, just as long as you do them properly.

Your simple day-to-day activities, such as standing, walking, turning, lifting and reaching up, need a support from your core, so you need to work it out (well, aside from the fact that you want to make your abs pop out!) to avoid injuries.

Personal trainer Lara McGlashan recommends these exercises to whittle your middle section on Muscle and Performance:

X’d to the Core

Admit it — crunches are boring, and when you’re bored, you’re less likely to work as intensely as you should to effect change. So what’s a girl to do? Try these boredom-busting moves from P90X3 that tighten your entire core while simultaneously strengthening your chest, shoulders, glutes and hamstrings. Read more…

Here’s another kickass workout, and this time using gym equipment, written by Brian Strump, DC, on Muscle and Fitness:


Any midsection workout worth doing will accomplish multiple goals. If all you’re getting out of your current ab routine is a better-looking washboard stomach, find something better: a core workout that will not only harden the abs and obliques, enhance overall athleticism and help keep you injury-free, but one that will also improve your poundages on exercises like squats, deadlifts and cleans. Read more…

And if you want to try a unique but effective workout, the Greatist team shares a workout that doesn’t involve mats to do sit ups or push ups, because you’ll do it while standing. You read it right!

The 10-Minute Standing (Yes, Standing) Core Workout

Think crunches are the only way to sculpt a stronger stomach? Think again. This super effective core workout proves that there’s no need to hit the mat (or bother your back) to strengthen your abs. Read more…

Why would anyone want to strengthen their core, anyway? Well, aside from very sexy abs and slim waistline, you need to whittle your middle section to strengthen your upper body, prevent injuries, protect your internal organs, improve posture, and ease back pain. A strong core basically enhances your overall athletic performance.

There’s no need to rush if you’re a beginner. You can start with short reps and low intensity workouts, and then add more as your fitness level increases.


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