What Causes a Food Coma?


Food coma, scientifically known as postprandial somnolence, is that drowsiness you feel right after you eat. Other symptoms include sleepiness, laziness, bloating, gas, mental fogginess, and even regret. The struggle is real, right?

It doesn’t always depend on how much you eat, sometimes it’s about what you eat. If you eat sugary and processed foods, you’re really likely to feel more lethargic.

What causes a food coma? Well, a new study has shown that it could be a work of the bacteria in your gut. Read more in this report by Mindy Weisberger of Live Science on Huffington Post:

Slipping Into A Food Coma? Blame Your Gut Microbes

When you push away your plate, loosen your belt and announce, “I couldn’t manage another bite!” it may be your gut microbes talking, according to a new study. Researchers found chemical clues hinting that, when certain bacteria in the belly have had enough to eat, they tell the brain that it’s time to put down the fork. Read more…

So what causes food coma is the bacteria in your gut. It’s very common during the holidays, but there are ways you can avoid it, though.

For instance, you can have a small snack before going to parties where you know you might overindulge. Better yet, aim to eat small meals every three to four hours, instead of the usual three meals a day. Choosing small portions and eating slowly will also help you.

And of course, even though it’s a physiological phenomena, you can always fight it. Get up and do the dishes or go for a walk after eating.

Image Credit: Slipping Into A Food Coma? Blame Your Gut Microbes – Huffington Post


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