Vegetables That are Good for You


Most people are not such fans of vegetables, which is completely unhealthy! There are lots of vegetables that are good for you – in fact, they are ALL good for you.

Plant foods, especially veggies, are the best sources of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that offer you a wide variety of health benefits.

Veggies contain antioxidants that protect your body from the leading causes of death worldwide, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. They are also great as home remedies for a lot of illnesses, without the harmful side effects most over-the-counter drugs do to your body.

If you are not really a veggie-lover, here are a few tips from Katie Shields, a dietitian nutritionist and health coach, on Mind Body Green:

10 Easy Tips To Eat More Vegetables

We all know we should be eating more vegetables, but the latest research shows that most American adults still fall short in meeting the recommended 2 1/2 to 3 cups per day (roughly 4 to 6 servings). In fact, only 10% of people meet the recommended daily amount.

That means a whole lot of us are missing out on the myriad health benefits associated with eating more plant-based meals, including decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even certain types of cancer. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I’m constantly thinking of creative ways to help my clients hit their daily veggie quota. Read more…

If you really don’t like the taste of veggies, you can try a few of them to replace meat in your usual dishes. You won’t even notice and they may even taste better than animal meat!

Check out these recipes suggested by a vegan writer Rhea Parsons on One Green Planet that have vegetables as the main ingredient:

Where’s the Meat? Who Cares! 10 Vegetables That Make Stand Out Entrées

Watching cooking shows on TV is one of my favorite things to do, especially the competition shows. It’s how I learned to cook for the most part and I love seeing new recipes that I will go veganize in my own kitchen. One of the things that irks me, however, is when they only refer to meat – beef, chicken, pork, fish – as the “proteins” for the main dishes. The vegetables are simply garnishes (seriously, they are called that) for the meat which gets top billing.

Vegetables are so much more than just the makings of a side dish or the colorful accents on a plate. Vegetables can be the main attraction and the star of the show. After all, veggies are filling, packed with protein and everything our bodies need and when cooked well, are flavorful and delicious. It’s time for veggies to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Here are 10 vegetables that make perfect entrees. Read more…

Most of these recipes do not take much of your time, and they are undoubtedly delicious!

Now if you want to spice up your dishes, Fit Day suggests these six healthy and unique vegetables (plus they are not GMOs!):

6 Trendy Veggies You Should Try

Step aside kale, there is a new veggie in town! Several of them, in fact. While kale may have hogged the culinary and nutrition spotlight over the past few years, there are several less-common vegetables that boast an impressive nutritional profile as well as delicious flavor and texture.

Keep in mind that these vegetables are not genetically-engineered, but rather are the result of cross-breeding, which is a normal part of agriculture. Read more…

It is a no brainer that there are so many vegetables that are good for you. It’s a long list!

Aside from protecting you from diseases and being great in a lot of dishes, veggies can also boost your memory, ease stress and depression, promote strong bones, and even keep your skin glowing, which is why it’s important to always include them in your diet.

There are so many ways where you can enjoy veggies. You just need to get creative with them!


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