Want To Stay Healthy? Stay Away From Bad Food


While we think of food as nourishment for our bodies, we also need to know what is good for us and what is not, but in today’s world of food influenced by the demand for innovation and novelty, we often get blinded by what is pleasing to the eyes rather than what is needed by our bodies.

Coloured jellies and candies are one of the biggest culprits of non-healthy food in fact, they do not contain any nutritional value at all, causing the body more harm and no good at all.

Made mostly, if not totally, of processed sugar that is known to cause high glucose levels in the blood and trigger obesity, they are also mostly made with colouring agents and flavours from chemical additives that have been known to cause certain allergies or even behavioural issues.

Jellies, on the other hand are also made of sugar and gelatine, which may be sources from questionable products.

Good alternatives for these sweet treat would be dried fruits or edible flowers, or look for organic jellies and candies that are made with consideration to regulated amounts of nutrients for the body as well as made with organic additives and ingredients.

Soda beverages are also among those that contain large amounts of sugar and could also be harmful to the body and yes…even the ‘diet’ varieties.

While diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners, too much of these additives in the system can result to kidney or even brain issues- disadvantages that far outweigh the benefits.

You can opt for a more natural beverage with natural fruit juices or a  slice of lemon on a glass of iced water, of if you want a soda-like feel, get as little organic sarsaparilla cordial and mix with purified or mineral water on ice.

Processed deli meats like hams, sausages, etc. These cured and preserved cuts of meat have been enjoyed throughout the centuries but should only be taken in moderation.

Loaded with salt, nitrites and sodium nitrates linked with problems in the kidneys, cardiovascular system and high blood pressure. Tests have also shown that these meats also contain chemical compounds that aggravate chronic diseases and may trigger cancer cells in the body.

If taken in moderation, alternative choices could be smoked wild salmon or organic pastrami.

You may start the day with something heavy and filling, but try to steer clear of sweet and sugary cereals. These cereals are loaded with sugar that is enough to boost calories in the body. Some brands were also found to contain Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHA) that are banned in some countries due to its carcinogenic properties.


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