Tricks to Become a Healthier Grocery Shopper


Most people think that whole and organic foods are expensive, which is exactly why they still stick to processed foods even though they know they’re unhealthy. This should not be the case! Processed foods may be delicious, but they’re full of artificial ingredients that increase your risk of diseases, and make you gain a lot of weight.

News flash: eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive! You just have to learn a few tricks to become a healthier grocery shopper, and you’ll master living healthy even for about $50 per week.

Here are a few tips to follow on Promax Nutrition:


Knowing that you need to eat healthfully is easy — actually doing it: that’s another thing. We all know that healthy eating is the first step to a healthier life and body. But eating healthfully is not always easy, especially with all of the yummy foods you can find in any grocery store. Learning the right way to shop for groceries is your first step toward healthy eating. Healthy grocery shopping involves more than grabbing a box of healthy protein bars and calling it a day. Here are 8 tips and tricks to help you become a healthier grocery shopper: Read more…

The number one tip mentioned above is to plan your grocery list. Fitness Hashtag shares this list made up entirely of whole and raw foods:

Clean Eating For Beginners Shopping List! Healthy Fitness Trick

(See list here…)

You don’t have to buy everything at once. One tip is to plan your meals before you make a list. That way, you’ll know which ingredients you need to prioritize and buy first.

And finally, here are a few tricks on Shape to make your dishes cheaper and easier:

10 No-Sweat Meal Prep Tricks from Pros

Whether you’re busy with work, friends, or family, healthy eating is often the first thing to go when you’re crunched for time—after all, how much easier is ordering takeout food than digging through your fridge and firing up your stove? But a growing community of people online are sharing how they avoid giving in to convenience foods—and it’s called meal prep. Just look up #MealPrepMondays (celebrating one of the most popular cooking days besides Sundays) if you don’t believe us. But, we get it—the idea of making a week’s worth of food in one day can be intimidating, even if you know it’s good for you. We talked to the prepping pros to find out their solutions for making the weekly task more manageable. Read more…

So yes, you can eat healthy without breaking the bank. You just have to learn a few tricks to become a healthier grocery shopper. This way, cooking will also be easier and faster for you.

When shopping, always read the labels. Stay away from products that contain harmful additives and artificial colouring. Be very careful as food companies may trick you with their “natural” products. Don’t fall for that trap!

Final tip: visit a farmers market. You can buy produce in bulk there, and they’re way cheaper! Those that are in season will save you a few bucks, too.


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