Top Reasons to Stop Fearing Carbs


Most dieters think that cutting carbohydrates is essential to lose weight. But in reality, you don’t have to. A low carb diet may help you lose weight fast, but it’s not necessary!

In fact, healthy carbohydrates are good for your heart health and memory. It’s good for your gut because they boost your metabolism, all thanks to dietary fibre! It can also help improve your mood by increasing the production of happy hormones called serotonin.

Here are more reasons to stop fearing carbs, as discussed on Muscle and Fitness:


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The timeless adage aptly applies to fad diets and related ideologies, which are established in anecdote and opinion, not science. In spite of this, many well-intentioned bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts routinely fall victim to them. Read more…

Like other food groups, carbs can make you lose weight like crazy when consumed in large quantities, so your body only needs enough amount. Learn how many carbs you need in this article on T-Nation:

How Many Carbs Do You Need?

The carb war has been raging in gyms, kitchens, classrooms, and nutrition conferences for decades, and will continue to do so in perpetuity.

There’s religious-like passion and cult-like followings on both the low-carb and high-carb sides of the fence. The pendulum of popularity seems to swing back and forth between the two. Read more…

Carbs can be unhealthy… when taken from the bad food groups. So no, you can’t just eat any food that contains carbs just because you found out that they are good. Plant-based sources are undoubtedly the best.

An article on Huffington Post suggests these healthy sources that your body needs:

8 Carbs You Should Be Eating

A recent study showed that eating a low-carb diet could help people lose more weight and cut heart risks better than a low-fat diet. But before you completely swear them off, keep in mind that we couldn’t survive without carbohydrates. Read more…

There are so many reasons to stop fearing carbs, don’t ditch them!

True, they can make you gain weight, but only if eaten in large quantities at the wrong times, so make sure to consume them in moderation. Most importantly, you have to get your them from healthier sources, not from processed, refined and fast foods.

What you need to ditch is the sugar – especially refined sugar – it doesn’t have any health benefits. Aside from making you gain weight, sugar may cause tooth decay, blood sugar spikes, and an increased risk for chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Tip: Eat a diet rich in carbohydrates first thing in the morning to give your energy an instant boost, especially during your workout days.


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