Top Fat Burning Plant Foods


As they say, a sexy body starts in the kitchen. If you eat more healthy foods, you’re more likely to be slim, if you eat more junk, you’ll gain weight like crazy.

Natural, whole and raw foods should be your go-to meal when you want to achieve a chiseled body. They absolutely won’t cause nutrient deficiency, or any side effects you might get when you rely on supplements or other junk foods.

To start, check these 6 fat burning plant foods on Vegetarian Bodybuilding:


Many people who are trying to lose weight or belly fat believe that food is the enemy.
But by counting calories, obsessing over portion sizes, and struggling to curb cravings, they’re putting way too much emphasis on the negative effects of food rather than harnessing its powerful potential. Once you stop looking at food as the “problem,” you can discover ways to make food work more effectively for you. Read more…

In addition to these plants, here are more plant foods that promote healthy weight, on Step to Health:

The Best Plants to Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss is a constant reality in our world. Losing it in a healthy and balanced way is our main goal. But sometimes, we get tired of strict diets and abandon them after a short time. That’s the reason why we want to tell you about a natural way to lose weight: with medicinal plants and herbs. Read more…

You might have noticed that some of the plant foods mentioned in the last two articles are actually high in fat. It’s because there are such things as healthy fats! They’re called unsaturated fats.

These fats are actually good for you as they help keep your heart healthy, keeping you away from stroke and heart attacks. They also help stabilize your blood sugar and blood pressure!

In particular, plant foods are the best for athletes because you’re sure they are all natural. Read more in this report by certified holistic nutritionist Heather McClees on One Green Planet:

Why Plant-Based Fats Are Important For Athletes

Most of us know by now that fats aren’t evil. Some of us have even come to realize carbs are not demonic, but are actually beneficial to our health. And by some miracle, we are no longer living in fear of dying from a lack of protein without meat. However, plant-based fats are still often feared and avoided by many, especially those that watch their weight closely, perform sports, or who are bodybuilding and lifting weights going for the coveted cut look. While it may not ring true for all athletic individuals, the idea of eating fat is still somewhat gray in terms of importance. However, plant-based fats from 100 percent whole foods like avocados, raw coconut, raw nuts and seeds (especially hemp, chia, and flax), along with olives, and the fatty fruits acai and cacao, are to be enjoyed and eaten in moderation (but certainly not restriction). This isn’t only necessary to maintain a healthy, balanced mindset with food, but also for athletic performance and physical health. Read more…

What you need to do is to always incorporate the top fat burning plant foods into your diet. They’re 100 percent natural, containing just the healthy nutrients. Some of the best examples are avocados, almonds, nuts, cashews, flaxseeds, chia seeds, and more.

High-fat plant foods are also a great choice when dieting because they promote a toned body, boost metabolism and so much more. They’re honestly very ideal for athletes!

On the other hand, you have to avoid the bad fats – the trans fat and saturated fat. These bad fats are found in processed foods. Even the “trans-fat free” labels may contain it, so don’t fall for that trap.

And again, keep moving! You have to work and sweat so you’ll be able to maximize your gains!


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