Top 25 Healthy Muscle Building Foods


When you are working out to turn your body into a mountain of muscles, you will need to eat the right food to keep your strength up and help your body recover. There should be a balance between your strength training routine and a diet plan that provides you with the proteins and healthy carbohydrates you need. And these top 25 healthy muscle building foods will help you achieve that happy middle – giving you the nutrition you require while keeping your meals interesting and varied.

Say Hello to the Top 25  Healthy Muscle Building Foods 

By Andrea Moak 

Building muscle is a balance between strategic strength training and an eating plan that includes proper protein and healthy carbohydrates while limiting refined sugars, processed food, and artificial ingredients. This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for the same salmon and kale for lunch and a dry chicken breast for dinner.

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Here is a compilation of 25 muscle-building foods that can add variety to your diet and help you sculpt those muscles into flex-worthy shape.

1. Greek Yogurt:

With more than twice the protein of regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is a great source to turn to when focused on muscle enhancement. Just be careful to look out for artificial colours, added sugars, and ingredients. Greek Yogurt also contains casein, a slow digesting milk protein to help keep you feeling full longer.

2. Black Beans:

Don’t save these gems for taco night. Eating black beans provides you with vitamins B, K, C, and A which are low in saturated fats. It’s a high protein and fibre food that is low in calories. Yes, please.

3. Cottage Cheese:

Also containing casein, cottage cheese additionally contains an average of 28 grams of protein in one cup! Choosing a low-fat cottage cheese is a great option provided it has not been supplemented with extra sugar or sodium.

4. Eggs:

A whole egg is a perfect pick for a protein punch. And don’t get rid of the yolk! When trying to build muscle, the yolk contains beneficial nutrients worthy of consumption. We’re currently salivating over these incredible egg recipes!

Top 25 Healthy Muscle Building Foods5. Broccoli:

Not only is broccoli low in calories and filling, it also contains a significant amount of soluble fibre, which aids in fat loss. Who doesn’t love a fat loss bonus?!

6. Chocolate Milk:

Another option containing the slow-digesting protein, casein, chocolate milk has been touted as not only a great post-workout recovery drink, but a good source of necessary carbs.

7. Almonds:

These nuts stack up high when it comes to fibre and protein in comparison to most nut options. They also contain vitamin B, a vitamin linked to energize metabolism. Try Skinny Mom’s yummy Fruit and Almond Trail Mix, which are kid-tested and mommy-approved.

8. Raspberries:

Raspberries contain the most fibre of all berries. A fiber-filled diet is imperative for proper digestion and muscle sculpting. The antioxidants can also help regulate metabolic rates and insulin sensitivity.

Top 25 Healthy Muscle Building Foods

9. Avocados:

Packed with monosaturated fat, the “good” fat, avocados can help eliminate weight from the midsection while containing a host of 20 different essential nutrients.

10. Quinoa:

An option over grains that are high in amino acids, which sets it apart from most carbohydrates in your diet. Team Skinny Mom is quinoa-obsessed. Try these 11 quick and easy quinoa combos we love!

11. Apples:

Offering electrolytes, carbs, and fibre, apples are a great post-workout snack and option for adding muscle mass to your physique.

12. Spinach:

Not only known as a superfood, the calcium in spinach can help to relax muscles and prevent cramping during muscle training intervals.

fresh straberry spinach salad

13. Mussels:

Just say yes to seafood, and especially these muscle-building mussels. High in protein and low in fat, mussels also contain B12, which is essential for active individuals.

14. Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Another source of monosaturated “good” fat, extra virgin olive oil is a great enhancement to your salads and vegetable servings when in muscle-building mode.

15. Turkey:

Turkey weighs in as one of the leanest meat options available. Packed with protein, turkey paired with vegetables can make for a hearty and muscle-friendly meal.

16. Oats:

Oats are high in fibre, yet offer low sugar and carbohydrate options needed for lasting energy when muscle training. Look for whole rolled oats and avoid processed options. We love starting the day with Slow Cooker Oats topped with blueberries. NOM.

17. Carrots:

Not only a source of vitamins, carrots are also rich in fibre and low in calories. They make an easy grab-and-go snack raw or can be cooked as a side dish with meals.

18. Green Tea:

Green tea is a wonderful antioxidant and diuretic that has also been linked to fat loss and improved blood circulation. A perfect substitute for coffee when in muscle mode! If you haven’t tried the Detox Green Tea you are seriously missing out. Give it a go already!

19. Lentils:

A perfect side dish with lean meats or vegetables, lentils offer fibre, protein, and slow-digesting carbohydrates most desirable when training to strengthen muscles.

20. Beets:

Packed with natural nitrates, beets stand up to improve lasting performance when it comes to vasodilatation, or widening of blood vessels, which inhibits muscle growth.

21. Vinegar:

Not only a nice pairing with your olive oil for salads, but when paired with carbohydrates, it acts as an agent to cause those carbs to be stored as muscle glycogen, rather than stored fat.

22. Brown Rice:

A staple on most body builder diets, brown rice offers complex carbohydrates which lead to lasting energy for athletes. Look for whole grain options when shopping for this staple.

23. Venison:

It may not be a meat that you come across often, but when you do, take advantage! Venison is high in iron and low in saturated fat and an excellent source of protein that packs flavour and nutrition.

24. Salmon:

One of these best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon cannot be left off of any list for those who want to improve their physique. Look for wild salmon over farm-raised, which can be raised on corn and grain feed. From Salmon Burgers to Sweet Chili Salmon, we’ve got you covered in the superfood salmon department. Get more salmon recipes here.

Top 25 Healthy Muscle Building Foods25. Oysters:

Another seafood pick that offers the mineral zinc, oysters are rich in protein and help replenish muscles broken down from training.

Don’t let your meals become boring – add some of these foods for a good variety and watch those muscles grow!

Muscle building is not anchored alone on the physical demands of the program. Sure, lifting weights and push-ups are essential to muscle development and growth. But what you consume also plays a part and these top 25 muscle building foods are ideal complements to muscle building meal plan. Add these items to your diet and mixed them up and you will have a set of varying meals that will give you the nutrition you need without turning your meal time into boring phases of your strength training routines.

Source: Say Hello to the Best 25 Muscle-Building Foods – Skinny Mom


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