The Use of Snake Venom to Stem Bleeding


Medical professionals recommend blood thinners for people with heart disease, or those suffering from poor circulation. These blood thinners prevent the formation or reduce clots in your veins, therefore lowering your risk of heart attack and stroke. People with atrial fibrillation or abnormal heart rhythm, heart valve surgery, or congenital heart defects may use them too.

However, a new report says that the use of snake venom to stem bleeding may show positive effects. Very surprising, right? We’ve always thought snakes are the enemy! Read more in this report by Josh L Davis on IFL Science:

New Medical Material Uses Snake Venom To Stem Bleeding

When patients on blood thinning drugs, such as heparin, need to undergo surgery, there is a risk that they might hemorrhage and uncontrollably bleed. Acting as an anti-coagulant, the drug prevents the formation of clots by blocking a particular protein found in the blood, though this can cause problems when under the knife. But now researchers have possibly developed a way round this, using a nanofiber hydrogel infused with snake venom. Read more…

Blood thinners can be used orally or intravenously. And unfortunately, they may cause harmful side effects to your body. Common reactions include allergies, heavy period, nosebleed, dizziness, muscle soreness and more.

Could the use of snake venom to stem bleeding replace blood thinners? We’ll have to wait until the Food and Drug Administration approves it.

Image Credit: New Medical Material Uses Snake Venom To Stem Bleeding – IFL Science


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