The Single Dumbbell Workout Plan


When you walk into a gym that seems overly crowded and filled with terrible equipment, you should head straight for the dumbbell rack. You can begin a single dumbbell workout plan that will strengthen your entire body without you having to stand in long lines to use old equipment. Here are four exercises that must be added to your workout plan.

Focus on heavy lifting during this workout. If you are a regular lifter, you should begin with a weight of about 45 pounds. Those who are just getting back to the gym after a hiatus should stay in the 20-30 pound range. You may notice that there aren’t any supersets, but this because they are unnecessary when you are doing movements that are complex and demanding on the metabolism. You should rest for no more than a minute and a half between sets and two minutes between your exercises. You should aim for a 45 minute session that leaves your body sore and covered in sweat.

One-Arm Dumbbell Snatch

This is a great exercise to add to your single dumbbell workout plan. It works on the majority of your pulling muscles while improving your coordination and timing. Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart and squat enough for the dumbbell to rest between your legs near your shins. Make sure that your back remains flat and avoid using your opposite arm for support. Next, thrust your hips forward while slightly jumping upward and allow the momentum to move the dumbbell to a place that is level with your eyes. Pull the weight up rather aggressively until your arm locks out overhead. This should all occur with one motion. Hold the weight close to your body without allowing it to swing outward. You should do four sets with eight repetitions for each arm.

Goblet Squat

Dumbbells are not as wielding as loaded barbells, so the goblet squat uses far more muscles than the back and barbell front squats. In order to stay upright, you will need to fire stable, small muscles. The front load will allow your torso to remain in a a vertical position, which means that you will have an improved alignment and more depth. Doing goblet squats with the right techniques can be rather difficult, but it will allow you to increase to the level of mobility needed for solid front and back squats. In order to do it, sand with your feet positioned a bit wider than your shoulders and hold the dumbbell to your chest. Push your hips back and make sure to keep your chest up, then squat until your elbows touch the inner part of the knees. Complete five sets of 15 reps.

Single Arm Plank And Dumbbell Row

One of the main functions of the abdominal muscles is to help keep your torso stable against any outside forces (like when someone runs into you when you are walking down the street). The perfect solution to this is doing anti-rotational planking. On a bench or some other knee-level surface, plank with your arms resting on the bench, feet firmly planted together on the floor, arms straight and a dumbbell in one of your hands. Move the hand that contains the weight from the bench so it hangs down on the side. Engage your abdominal muscles and plank as if both hands remain on the bench. Keep your hips level without twisting them, row the weight up to the torso and squeeze the shoulders together at the top. Lower the weight down very slowly and repeat . Complete four sets of 12 repetitions for each arm.

Turkish Get-Up

This is the last move of the single dumbbell workout plan. It will help strengthen your core. back, legs. shoulders and chest – basically, everything – and it will help condition your metabolism, increasing your heart rate quickly when you stand straight up with the weight then lower it back to the floor. If you do several of these in a row, it can be as tiresome as sprinting.

Lie on your back with the dumbbell in your hand held up over your right shoulder. Bend the right knee and keep your right foot flat. Move your left arm into a 45-degree angle and shift all your weight to the left side of your body. Press the left palm on the floor, raise your hips and move your left foot backward until you are kneeling on the left knee. Keep the right arm in a steady position and stable to the shoulder. Keep your eyes on the dumbbell for the duration. At this point, shift your weight on the right side and stand with the dumbbell remaining above your head. Now do each step in reverse while holding the dumbbell stable with your arm locked above you until you are positioned on your back again. Complete three repetitions on each side for a minute and a half each.


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