The Proven Health Benefits of Raw Garlic


Among the supposed benefits of raw garlic is its effectiveness in repelling vampires. But fiction aside, this pungent staple in many ancient and modern recipes does more than add flavour and seasoning to your meals. Garlic, especially when consumed raw, offers a range of health benefits that will definitely put modern health products to shame.

Health Benefits of Raw Garlic

Health Benefits Of Raw GarlicAccording to a number of studies, there are numerous health benefits of raw garlic and therefore you must include at least half clove of garlic in your meals. Garlic has a unique combination of sulfur containing nutrients and flavonoids which is quite important for your health. Garlic also adds aroma to foods. It is a nice seasoning and it contains added nutrition as well. To take advantage of the health benefits that garlic has to offer, it is essential to use raw pressed or chopped garlic in your dishes. Here’s a look at the main benefits of eating raw garlic.

Boosts immune system

When the world wars were taking place, garlic was commonly used to treat gangrene. But today, it is used to fight flues and colds during the cold weather season. This herb contains antioxidants which also boosts the immune system.

Treats acne

If you take a look at the list of ingredients behind the pack of a good acne product, you will find the name of garlic there too. This is because garlic is good for treating acne and getting rid of blemishes. The organic compound Allicin found in garlic can prevent the effects of free radicals in the body and kill bacteria. Therefore, garlic is a valuable herb when it comes to treating acne and skin problems such as scars, allergies and even skin diseases. To treat skin problems, it is also possible to use garlic topically.

Treats hair loss

Garlic is high in sulfur which means that it is high in keratin as well. When used in the effective treatment of hair loss problems, garlic can stimulate growth and fortification. Studies have shown that this herb is effective in treating alopecia.

Lowers blood pressure

If you are looking to lower your blood pressure, then raw garlic can do wonders for you. Garlic has active compounds that can reduce your blood pressure levels. A number of studies have shown that about 1500 mg of garlic extract is as effective as medication prescribed for high blood pressure. The herb has a high amount of polysulfides which results in smooth muscle relaxation.

Lowers risk of heart diseases

Garlic is also effective in lowering the risk of heart related problems. There are a number of researches which suggest that raw garlic can lower LDL cholesterol levels in people who have elevated levels of cholesterol. It is believed that garlic can help lower the activity of the main enzyme that produces cholesterol in the liver. In addition, garlic can increase the ability of the body to dissolve blood clots which plays a major role in increasing the risk of heart problems by closing the arteries.

Boosts physical performance

Another major health benefit of consuming raw garlic is that it can increase your exercise capacity meaning that you can work out even more. It can also reduce fatigue that is induced by exercise.

Improves bone health

Garlic is packed with bone healthy nutrients including zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin C and manganese which helps facilitate the formation of connective tissues and bones as well as aids in calcium absorption and bone metabolism. Garlic can also reduce loss of bone by increasing estrogen in women.

It is still unclear if garlic is a type of herb or a spice. But what is certainly crystal clear is how raw garlic can positively impact your health. The benefits of raw garlic are clear indicators of how powerful this lowly food is. While mainly used as a main flavouring agent or an ingredient for seasoning and condiments, raw garlic can do wonders. Something that many modern  food and health products claim to deliver but fail miserably. History says garlic works. Science backs it up. It’s probably high time to include generous amounts of garlic to your diet, isn’t it?

Source: Health Benefits of Raw Garlic – Life Livity 


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