The Perfect Ab Workout Plan


Use these ab-chiseling moves to help carve out a killer midsection.

By Jarrel Cudjoe
The ultimate aim of every fitness freak are the sexy, muscular and sweetly curved abdominal abs. Merely the thought of having such sporty six packs hidden under that shirt gives shrills running through the body. The ab workout plan provides a perfect opportunity for every individual to carve out the perfect human body architecture and proudly hit the beach or pool shirtless.

The ab workout plan consists of few intense abdominal region exercises, which strengthen and beautifully sculpture the stomach. A few ab workout plan techniques are briefly described here.

Firstly the “Reverse Crunches”, that make you lean your legs up to your chest and then back to the ground. Continue doing the exercise till 30 repetitions are made. Then the “Flutter Kicks”, in which the back is slightly raised from the ground and legs are kicked vertically just like in a back-stroke swimming style.
Next is the “Heel Touches”, in which again the back is slightly raised from the ground. Touching the left and then the right heel makes one complete repetition and it is to be continued till 20 recurrence are made.
Then come one of the toughest drills, the “Cross Crunches”. In this workout lay flat on your back, and place one ankle on the other opposite knee. Crunch forward and try touching the elbow with the knee of the opposite knee. This counts for one repetition, and continue doing for 30 reps.
The next monstrous exercise in the ab workout plan is the “Bicycle Crunches”. Slightly raise the back and place the hands behind your head. Then twist your body and legs mimicking riding a bicycle till reached 20 continuous repetitions. The next mammoth fat carving ab workout plan exercise is the “Toe Touches”. The crux of this technique is to lay flat on the ground and then raising your legs and arms to sky. Keeping the legs vertical try to reach for them with your arms. Bring your legs back to the waist and arms back to the original position to complete one revolution. Continue this tough drill, till 30 repetitions are reached.

 Ah the six-pack. The goal of most every fitness enthusiast. A tight, lean, shredded stomach not only looks great, but also feels great and builds more confidence. Whether you’re hitting the beach or hangin’ by the pool, a chiseled midsection is something we all strive to strut. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to put in the time and effort to build this work of art. For those that do however, the rewards are well worth the struggle.

Consuming the proper food is the first step to getting those washboard abs. The next step is to stick with a training program that targets the abs and strengthens the core. The following workout will steer you on the right path. Stay the course and you will soon sculpt a rock-solid six-pack worthy of admiration.

The Shredding Ab Workout Plan

ab workout plan

1. Reverse Crunches

Lay flat on your back, keep arms pressed down at sides for leverage

Raise knees to chest, then slowly lower until your feet graze the ground

Perform 30 reps


ab workout plan

2. Flutter Kicks

Slightly raise upper back off the ground (stabilize with lower back and buttocks)

Alternate lifting right and left leg for 1 rep

Perform 30 reps


ab workout plan

3. Heel Touches

Slightly raise upper back off the ground

Crunch side to side using obliques

Left heel touch + right heel touch = 1 rep

Perform 20 Reps


ab workout plan

4. Cross Crunches

Lay back and place ankle on opposite knee

Crunch forward to bring elbow up to opposite knee for one rep

Perform 30 reps (each side)


ab workout plan

5. Bicycle Crunches

Hands behind your head

Come up and twist your body towards your knee that simultaneously comes up

Reverse and do the other side

Each side counts as 1 rep

Perform 20 reps


ab workout plan

6. Toe Touches

Lay flat on back

Raise your legs to the sky

From the waist up come up and reach for your toes

Perform 30 reps

The ab workout plan takes patience; both physical and mental, determination and hard work but it is the ideal ab building exercise for any person who dreams to travel the rugged road of physical calisthenics. Nothing gives more satisfaction to the mind than spending time in the gym on pads and weights. Coupling the ab workout plan with an appropriate diet and fast friendship with the pad are guaranteed to give you the perfect abs you want.

 Source: Six Moves for a Shredded Six-Pack – Muscle & Fitness


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