The Best and Worst Things You Can Do for Bigger Biceps


Toned and bigger biceps are definitely a must-have, and just like any other part of your body, it takes time to have them. They are also more prone to unwanted fat compared to other parts, which is probably why ladies are avoiding spaghetti straps and tank tops and men are avoiding shirts with fitted sleeves! Luckily, there are a lot of different exercises that target and work biceps.

For a better workout, you have to know the best and worst things you can do for bigger biceps. Men’s Health UK introduces five techniques to watch your biceps grow in no time:


Guns, pythons, swans, weapons of mass destruction. There are plenty of nicknames for your biceps – and plenty of ways to work them. So if your only strategy is to curl three sets of 10, you’re missing out (especially if you’re doing them in the squat rack). This quintent of expert-approved techniques will help your biceps reach their peak potential. Read more…

Now that you know the basic techniques, it’s time that you learn about the exercises that will help you achieve bigger biceps faster, and fitness director B.J Gaddour shares his secret ARMageddon challenge in this video on Men’s Health:

Pump Up Your Arms Faster than Ever

This workout will not only help you achieve bigger biceps faster, but will also make them stronger and more toned!

On the other hand, there are also exercises that you think can increase your gains, but in reality they are not helping at all! Here are the worst things you can do for bigger biceps that you may want to avoid, as listed by Eric Broser on Muscle and Fitness:


If you are planning on selling tickets to your own personal “gun-show” you better make sure the crowd will be impressed. The last thing you want is to throw up a biceps pose (with a big grin) and get booed off the stage. Unfortunately, while almost everyone in the gym tossing around the iron are quite passionate about filling out their shirt sleeves with muscle, most are making vital mistakes preventing this very goal from manifesting. Read more…

Final tip: there are actually no best or worst things you can do for bigger biceps if you are not determined enough. Just don’t give up! It takes time and effort. Use this guide, and watch how you maximize your gains in no time!


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