Strengthen Your Legs with These Quad Workouts


We use our quads in all leg activities – from walking, running, jumping, twisting, basically every move we do everyday. This is exactly the reason why gym people always say, “don’t skip leg day!”

Leg exercises are very versatile. They enhance your total body strength, build more muscle, and more importantly, burn a lot of unwanted fat deposits. Plus, you can work with or without the use of equipment.

To start, here’s an ultimate guide to your quad workouts from Alex Stewart on Muscle and Strength:

The Top 5 Exercises For Increasing Quads Mass

The overall plan of any weight trainer should be to establish a routine that helps to develop lean muscle mass in a completely balance fashioned. That means that each muscle group is targeted through consistent and alternating workouts. The result is that each of the muscle groups will work in tandem with each other to produce optimal results. Read more…

In addition to that, Women’s Health and Fitness suggests more moves, with particular rules whether you want to build muscle, strength or lose fat:

6 exercises for quads & hamstrings

There are six exercises in this combination routine. The first four exercises focus on your quads, and the remaining two are hamstring focused. Single-leg exercises have been added for added leg muscle stimulation, and improved stability while using dumbbells. These moves engage the smaller muscles, promising balanced growth and development. Read more…

Finally, Brian Kuhlmann shares this workout on Muscle and Fitness:


The benefit of training legs hard is twofold: You’ll build a powerful base of strength and create an anabolic response you can’t get from training your upper body alone. When it comes to legs, though, most guys slog through it and take their medicine—squats— without much thought given to variety in either the main lift or the accessory moves. Read more…

In conclusion, the best quad workouts consist of squats, leg presses, lunges and step ups. And these exercises actually work beyond strengthening your legs. They also tone your core and butt, enhance balance and mobility, enhance metabolism, as well as prevent back pain. They will reduce your risk of injuries, too!

For an instant boost in athletic performance, give these workouts a try, but do not overtrain especially if you’re a beginner. Your quads are one of the most vulnerable muscles in your body. Start with shorter reps and lighter intensities, and increase these as your fitness level increases.


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