Six Fat-Burning Ingredients You’ve Never Heard Of


They may be complicated to pronounce, but these supplement building blocks are great for blasting fat.


You’ve probably been looking for a worthy fat-burning replacement and were disappointed by products that didn’t live up to the hype. But due to recent leaps and bounds in supplement science, most new fat-burning products contain a selection of several ingredients designed to work together to maximize the effects of each.

Trying to get all of these ingredients would be overkill and a waste of your money. Instead, look for supplements that have two or more of these ingredients along with other known, effective fat-burners like green tea extract and caffeine. Sesamin is one product you can readily find as a stand-alone, and it goes great with any multiple-ingredient fat-burner. Regardless of the product you choose, follow label instructions closely for the best and safest way to take them. Supplements with the following ingredients will get you ripped up instead of ripped off.

What are you waiting for, fat boy?



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