Save Your Lower Back Using These Exercises


T-Nation talks about building the glute muscles in order for you to have a healthier lower back. There’s been a lot of talk about certain glute exercises that can be dangerous for the lower back.

However, it’s not about it being dangerous that should be the point. Exercise performed with a bad form, or too much weight is a great risk for any individual. If you want great and strong glutes, you’ll need to train these directly.

6 Exercises For a Strong, Healthy Butt

Never underestimate the power of a seemingly simple movement like the basic glute bridge. You can find this exercise in many half-assed therapy programs, and my problem isn’t with the exercise, but rather the setup and execute on. Read more…

Men’s Health gives us a breakdown of the 17 best exercises for your lower back. Your glutes are a part of it and training these muscles can absolutely make changes to your overall physical condition.

They tend to contract so you can move your hips in your preferred direction. These exercises are helpful in increasing your movements.  Aim to train this powerful muscle group by using these approved tips from experts.

The 17 Best Glutes Exercises

The glutes are your body’s largest and most powerful muscle group. They contract to move your hips in every direction, powering you up, down, forward, backward, and side-to-side. And since they’re big, working them can increase your metabolic rate. Read more…

Breaking Muscle tells us about the commonly asked topic by athletes and fitness enthusiasts: gluteal development. As we’re all familiar with the function of this muscle, it can truly let athletes perform better in activities such as running, jumping, and swimming.

Moreover, it can boost their explosive power when doing sports activities. It gives individuals  great advantage.

The 2-Minute Workout For Strong And Powerful Glutes

The exercises for gluteal development must be executed with a specific strategy, focus and intention, which will benefit any athlete. Read more…

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