Ultimate Rules For Monster Arms


Muscular Development says that there are five rules to get monstrous arms. They talked to Dexter Jackson, the timeless body builder who finished runner-up at the 2015 Mr. Olympia. At 45 years old, he just might be the most extraordinary body builder.

Dexter talks about his five rules for building monster guns. If you want to build guns fit for a champion, you have to follow these guidelines. Just a tidbit: rule number one talks about training your arms correctly. Overtraining is a big no-no. Check it out:

5 Rules for Monster Arms

At 45 years of age, timeless Dexter Jackson finished runner-up at the 2015 Mr. Olympia (last September 19) seven years after winning the 2008 Sandow, This further cemented his standing as the most extraordinary bodybuilder ever. Read more…

T-Nation talks about these methods how to get bigger arms. Some of these may prove to be surprising, but come on- you can do better using these tips.

There’s a lot of talk when it comes to functional training. Arm training has proven to be popular these days. If you’re into getting a muscular upper body similar to a superhero’s, bicep and triceps work should do the trick. These workouts will never fade.

7 Surprising Tips for Bigger Guns

“With so much talk these days about “functional training,” it seems arm training has taken a dive in popularity. While this may be the case in some circles, for those of us who got into lifting weights in hopes of attaining muscular arms that resemble those of a superhero, doing direct bicep and tricep work will never go out of style. Read more…

Muscle and Training says that there are five steps in order for you to develop your arms and turn them into monstrous guns. Strength and size are often discussed by people who really want to pump up their arm size. We’ve got just the right stuff for you.

With these fundamental steps, you can achieve the results that you want. When you follow these methods, you’re going to be surprised with the outcome. You don’t have to complicate this one: simply aim for size, symmetry and strength.

5 Essential Steps To Grow Monster Arms

Sometimes it’s easy to overcomplicate things when it comes certain goals, but developing bigger arms which balance and compliment your physique needn’t be such a time. Here we will cover 5 essential steps needed to give your arms a fighting chance at getting bigger, stronger and more monster like. Read more…

Check out this video from ATHLEAN-X™ about how to get big arms:


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