Make Sure Your Rock Hard Ab Exercises are Working


You’re here because you’ve probably done pretty much every rock hard ab exercises there is, and yet you’re still left with a belly. It’s frustrating, I know.

The good news is that you can easily fix that. You just need to find out what you’re doing wrong. If you just started working out two weeks ago, and are only working out twice a week, then that’s it. It’s not easy to achieve six pack abs. It takes months, even years! The point is, you just have to be patient.

If you’re wondering why your workout still isn’t working, you may be making these common mistakes listed on Fit Girls Diary:

5 Reasons Why Your AB Workouts Aren’t Working

I hear a lot about girls that do ab workouts almost everyday, and still, the ABS don’t seem to show up. Well, if this happens to you too, you are probably doing something wrong. There are many reasons why your abs are not there yet, and I am going to give you 5 of them. Let’s get started! Read more…

Two highly controllable factors are mentioned above: workout routine and diet.

There is a lot of ab workout you can do. Full-body workout is good, but if you’re aiming to target your core, here are the top 3 exercises on Muscle and Fitness:


Possessing a pretty impressive set of abs himself, Brian Peeler knows what it takes to get one. As an NASM-certified personal trainer, Peeler doesn’t burden his clients with endless circuits of fancy ab exercises. Rock-solid, six-pack abs, while still mainly a byproduct of a great diet, can be had in only three moves. Read more…

For your diet plan, follow these tips on Eat This:


You’ve tried every ab exercise in existence. Now discover the diet that’ll have you looking sexy by Spring.


To sum this up, the real secret to achieve that head-turning abs is to do rock hard ab exercises, as well as to have a good diet plan.

Make sure you are doing your reps correctly because they won’t be effective if you’re not targeting your core properly. You also need to increase the intensity every now and then to challenge your body. This will make you gain more.

Avoid alcohol as much as possible. It’s the number one contributor for those unwanted fat in your stomach. Stay away from junk, processed foods, too. They contain a lot of harmful ingredients that will not only make you gain weight like crazy, but will also increase your risk of lifestyle diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and more. Just stick to whole and raw foods as they have a lot of health benefits and they’re good for your weight.

So follow these steps, and say goodbye to that beer belly!


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