Best Reps For Wide Shoulders


If you want to challenge yourself to make your body look even better, then this string of exercises is just perfect for you.

T-nation says that volume and time under tension has a greater impact in your body-building. Paul Carter takes this Pyramid Rep workout into a different level.

He has an interesting approach in performing and delivering the workout exercises. Just a bit of a warning: it’s going to hurt like hell.

Tip: Do Pyramid Reps For Wide Shoulders

Yes, you need to get very strong in the overhead press…but volume and time under tension play a role too. Using lateral raises, add this to your next delt workout. Here’s the rep scheme…” Read more…

Ali Kuoppala from shares his thoughts about the definite and awesome things that men can do to work on shoulders that demand praise. He pointed out that genetics and hormones may play a role but the one responsible for shaping and maintaining those is still you.

Kuoppala offered some of his tips about training frequency, set patterns, and best movements to help you achieve what you really want for your body.

Learn How To Build Big Shoulders That Demand Respect

Shoulder width is – to some extent – determined by your genetics and hormone levels during puberty, but this doesn’t automatically mean that you can’t learn how to build big shoulders that are wider, stronger, and more aesthetically pleasing afterwards with proper training methods. Read more… targets the shoulders by focusing on the front, middle, and back parts. Guidelines for the right workout, depending on which part you’d like to improve, are provided in this article.

Instructions concerning the procedure of these exercises are elaborated in their page as well. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and check them out:

How To Get Bigger Shoulders

You can do any type of overhead pressing exercise like military presses, push press, or seated overhead presses plus you can do any type of bench press (especially incline bench press) and Dips to build up. Read more…

If you want to do more for your upper body, check out this video from ATHLEAN-X.



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