Protes Chips



Flashback to 2009.  After a good lift at his college gym, Krik is sitting on his couch eating one of your typical protein bars that we all know so well. Frustrated with the lack of options outside of protein bars and protein shakes, Krik wonders aloud, “Why don’t protein snacks exist”?

And just like that, the spark is lit for what is soon to be the Protes revolution.

Graduating to the business grind

Fast forward two years to 2011 and that dreaded date has finally hit: college graduation. Krik moves to New York City with his roommate of two years, Ryan. Once situated in the Big Apple, Krik and Ryan start their jobs in the world of finance with high hopes and big dreams.

Both friends are very active in their everyday lives and enjoy going to the gym on a regular basis.  After many years of staying active and working out, supplemented by countless protein bars and protein shakes, the two young men begin discussing the overabundance of protein bars and protein shakes. Most notably, they recognize the utter lack of protein-based snacks.

After living in New York City for a year and devoting themselves to the business world, they begin to reflect upon their lives and their careers.  Both friends realize that they seek more than the status quo and feel that there is a higher calling than the cubicle finance life.

Right then and there, sitting on a couch just like in 2009, the idea of a protein chip is brought to light and Protes is born! Read More…


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