Taking Your Protein Shakes Before Bed


In a recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers from the Netherlands were finally able to support the long-standing theory on the importance of proteins in the development of bigger muscle mass and how nutrients are responsible for playing key roles in its development.

Consuming protein-rich drink formulas before going to sleep does not only provide nutrients to help boost body metabolism, it also allows for the muscles to develop greater muscle mass and strength gains resulting from the resistance exercises that is being done.

The researchers tested 44 young male volunteers and divided them into two groups, with one provided 27.5 grams of the protein casein hydrolysate each night before sleeping during the 12-week test period.

This also included regular resistance –focused workouts to see if the supplemented ones get the desired results.

The second group was also provided a placebo and followed the same regular workout routines.

After the testing period, the results showed that the group that was provided with the protein supplements achieved greater gains in their skeletal muscle strength, particularly with leg extensions and presses, compared to the placebo-supplemented group.

Protein plays a critical and essential role in building and maintaining a healthy body and  is responsible for growing muscle mass and bones. Two of the most common protein products in the body are the hair and fingernails.

Most of the proteins that we fuel for our bodies are dietary proteins that we source from protein-rich food where most of the proteins that the body needs are those sourced from vegetables.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are essential nutrients present in every cell and are precursors to nucleic acids, hormones, co-enzymes, immune response, repair and other molecules needed for life.

Proteins make up the outer membrane of all cells in the body and act to strengthen all the organ and tissue structures in the body.

Proteins play a lot of roles in the body and functions as a nutrient that promote the following;

  • It helps repair and maintain body tissues, which include the skin, hair, eyes, organs and muscles- which are all made from protein.
  • Provides energy. The more you take in proteins, the more energy you get for the muscles and tissues.
  • It is responsible for the creation of some essential hormones in the body like insulin and secretin, among others.
  • Helps in the production of enzymes that play key roles in the body’s chemical reactions, for example an enzyme that aids in digesting large proteins and fat molecules into smaller ones to help create DNA.
  • It helps transport and store nutrient-rich molecules throughout the body.
  • It helps form antibodies that aid in strengthening the immune system for protection from sickness and diseases.

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