How Do You Protect Yourself From Heart Disease?

0 UK reports that you can base your diet on carbs or fat. Dr. Simon Dankel says there’s not much difference, actually. Fatty foods like cheese, butter, and cream are all held liable for cardiovascular diseases.

However, results from a recent study say that a diet high in saturated fat may bring health benefits. Are intrigued yet? We were told that

this kind of food are the sort that we had to avoid most of the time. What changed this popular notion?

Eating cheese, butter and cream can help protect you from heart disease, study finds

Eating more naturally high-fat foods while limiting the amount of carbohydrates consumed did not cause an increase in harmful cholesterol, researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway found. Read more… UK says that the current diet advice is to limit the intake or avoid consumption of these types of food. However, the study overturned this popular opinion. What were the results?

The study that was conducted showed results that a diet full of natural fats improved the health of the participants. Even Professor Sherif Sultan says that the guidelines for a healthy diet should be overturned. Sultan is a heart specialist from the University of Ireland.

Fat Is GOOD For You! New Research Says Cheese And Cream To PREVENT Diabetes And Heart Risk

Current dietary advice says foods containing high levels of saturated fats such as cream, butter, red meat, eggs and cheese should be avoided because they increase the risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer. Read more…

Daily Mail UK says that fat can be considered as good food. A small amount of this is part of a healthy diet. There are those that are good for the body but there are some which are considered as bad.

We’ve had numerous situations in the dining table wherein our parents usually drill the importance of eating good and healthy food. That also translates to consuming less fat.

The new study had overweight middle-age men as participants. They were fed high levels of saturated fats and low levels of carbs. The end result? They lost weight. 

Fat Is Good For You! Diets Laden With Butter, Cream And Cheese ‘Can Help Combat Surge In Type 2 Diabetes’

For decades we were told that eating fat would clog our arteries and send us to an early grave, but a current study published in a leading medical journal disproves this theory. Read more…

The preconceived notion about fats is something that can be challenged because of the results of the research. Hopefully, the research team will be able to shed light on how saturated fats can be healthily incorporated into the daily dietary regiment.


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